Buy & Download Enemy Circles novel by Bashir Kabir

The story features courage for love and resolve for fulfilling one’s own obligation; respect for one’s way of life against offers of life of wealth and affluence.

Enemy Circles, a simple love story of courage, adventure and loyalty depicted at the time when one of the most civilized empires in West Africa – Songhai Empire (Bilad as Sudan) fall resulting from the Moroccan (Maghreb) invasion. A young man from a nomadic tribe – Jomo was betrothed to a fellow clan’s girl – Bonajo and they were to be married during the merriment of reuniting at the designated reunion camp in mountains of central Africa.

The two wanted nothing in the world but to see one another. Unfortunately, a huge war campaign was to prevent that simple thing from happening until after more than three years, and in the most unlikely place of all places in the world – Marrakesh prison, at the Maghreb capital, thousands of miles away from the designated wedding venue.

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