Barkalheri Global Academy: Where brilliant minds create

Barkalheri Global Academy moulds brilliant and creative minds with modern educational and ICT tools that will enable them create a better world for all

Just like a journey of a thousand miles that begins with a step, the epoch of Barkalheri Global Academy (BGA) began on Monday, September 17, 2017, when school activities kickstarted at the new citadel of learning, growing steadily through the years.

Why Barkalheri was founded

Looking around us, we found that most schools are not rooted in information and communication technology (ICT). Bearing that in mind, Barkalheri Global Academy (BGA) was created with the mission of “tying information and communication technology (ICT) with conventional educational system so as to mould brilliant and creative individuals.”

What we do

At Barkalheri Global Academy (BGA), we drill our wards with modern ways of educational dissemination, while inculcating in them ICT knowledge that will enable them create a better world for themselves and humanity in general.

How we encourage creativity

Here, we believe that coming on top of one’s class and paper qualifications alone do not make one successful in life. Rather, it is the desire to succeed, determination, hard work and prayers that make one successful.

We also believe that each child is gifted with a particular individual trait that could turn him/her into a world great. It is these traits we try to identify and burnish.

Why drag your feet?

The destiny of the world is being created at Barkalheri Global Academy (BGA) and you wouldn’t want to stay outside looking in. Your child needs to be at the centre stage. Enroll him/her today for a better future.

For more details, call us on 0803 535 4008, 0802 949 4139 or email us on or visit us at Plot 1436, Gaida Cikin Gari, Kumbotso LGA, Kano – Nigeria.