Schools spend huge sum of money to print report sheets which are error prone and leads to late issuance of reports sheets. Barkasas automates the process

Every year, schools spend huge amount of money to print academic report sheets which in turn become burdensome for teachers to fill up. Errors are made and this usually leads to late issuance of reports sheets that cause school administrators serious headaches.

What if you get a system that will automate this process, curb errors and wastage, save you disappointments, add prestige to your school’s image and wouldn’t drill holes in your pocket?

Introducing Barkasas

Barkasas automate school is a software that your school can use to compile and print termly academic reports, create ID cards, print appointment letters and create termly academic calendars.

The software will be installed locally on your school’s computer system and hence, even without internet connection and with even the minimum knowledge of computer, one can easily operate the software.

And thankfully, to have a copy of this Barkasas, all you need to do is make a one-off payment. No termly/monthly/yearly subscription fees.

Features of Barkasas

Some of the features of Barkasas automate school include:

  • Quickly compile and print students’ academic reports.
  • Enrollment of pupils/students is being done beautifully.
  • Identity cards for pupils/students and staff can be easily created.
  • Employ staff and print appointment letters and other kinds of letters for them.
  • Creation of termly academic calendars is made very simple.


What do you benefit from using Barkasas automate school? These are plentiful. Read some below:

  • Report sheets generation is fired up; no more delays or headaches.
  • Errors are reduced to the barest minimum.
  • Your pockets will no longer leak again from the yearly costs of printing report sheets.
  • Retrieval of personal and academic records of students is made very easy.
  • Customisation is enabled; hence your school’s report sheets will not look like those of other schools.
  • Since the software is stored locally on your school’s system, all of your data is YOURS ALONE. Nobody pries into your school’s records.
  • Making backups is one-click away.
  • There are no extra costs for internet connections and networks failures are not experienced since you have your software locally.
  • One-off payment for software installation. NO MONTHLY / TERMLY / YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION.
  • Free 6-month after-sales maintenance.


Please find below our competitive price for creating a customised Barkasas for your school:

1. Barkasas automate school 1 75,000.00 N75,000.00
Online discount – 30% 22,500.00
TOTAL N52,500.00

Amount in words: Fifty-two thousand, five hundred Naira only.

For more information, please call us on +234 803 535 4008 or email

Barkasas Team