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Abdullahi O. Haruna wrote a masterpiece detailing how Kogi’s governor-elect, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, needs to thread to unleash a new Kogi for all to cherish!

Alhaji Yahaya Bello: Kogi state governor-elect
Alhaji Yahaya Bello: Kogi state governor-elect

I’m not comfortable with the eerie silence coming from Kogi state. We have a new governor and he is young and enterprising. He is Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the one they call Fair Plus. How he emerged to be Kogi number one citizen isn’t longer news. But what he does with the divine enthronement, I have seen mixed feelings from Kogites – we have those bemoaning the loss of the Lugard House and those rejoicing that the opportunity for our own to be on the confluence seat is here. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any group talking about how to move the state forward and possibly catch up or trail at reasonable short distance to serious states on the progress voyage.

Like I once opined – no tribe is best suited to be governor in Kogi state. Capability is usual the hallmark of leadership. Anyone with the requisite template to govern the state should be encouraged. Therefore Kogi, with the tripartite epicenter of greed, violence and mediocre should be overhauled. What has been good for Oguche all the while should equally be best for Adagiri and then Mosunga. Only then can the confluence enjoy its flows. We are humans first before we are tribal. Let there be fairness in Kogi state. Equitable considerations should be our watchword.

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What I fear thus far is how Alhaji Yahaya Bello is going to manage his divine enthronement given the needless parade of victory dance by my Ebira people. Their jubilating demeanour is uncalled for and akin to dancing on the grave of vanity. Rejoicing on the shallow grave of Audu is an affront to common sense. The rants of ‪#‎Godwin, ‪#‎Fairwin, ‪#‎Alhamdulillahi amongst other cheap slogans isn’t apt for this occasion.

What is needed now is a healing movement that can bring mutual compromise to the citizens of Kogi. Fair Plus is a child of change thrusted to the people by God; it is sheer mischief to see his ascension as victory because he did not contest election whatsoever to be declared victorious at the poll. The divine masterplanner planned his coming – therefore Fair Plus is a divine messenger who is here to deliver the message of hope and real change.

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While we strive to limit the needless chest thumping of victory by his people, it is also very expedient to beat the drum of warning to our Igala people who may see this as an affront to their majority throne. No please! Power belongs to God alone, He gives to whoever pleases him and no amount of mortal grievances can alter or influence God’s decree. As such, rather than puncturing the cloud of bitterness and resentments, let’s come together and chart a way forward for Kogi state. If development and progress is a tribal attribute, I’m sure by now Igala land would have been an Eldorado of sort. We had our own since the creation of the state and the result of course has been immeasurable hallmark of underdevelopment and constricted poverty. Alhaji Yahaya Bello may not have an Igala blood but he has divine blood which is a universal affinity for all mankind.

Fair Plus is here! You should hit the runway running, devise a working template, surround yourself with selfless people and build a bridge of unity among the divided tribes of Kogi-distance yourself from Igala or Ebira elitism. Like you have run your business to this enviable height, deplore same strategies to run Kogi. Bring real development to the people and they will all forget the tribe and religion of their leader. Poverty breeds resentments and sentiments while development does the opposite. This is your time – our time – to take Kogi state to a serious level and not the capital of stranded people.


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