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Here, Al-Hamzah waxed lyrically on how the evil Whispers of Satan delude man and urged him to be wary of such evil machinations.

Evil Whispers
Evil Whispers

Satan is an evil engineer
To all vices he is designer
Let him not be your teacher
He is the first evil launcher.

Don’t let him to your heart capture
If he does, he will to it do nurture
What will cause your piety fracture?
Never let him destroy your future.

Disconnect yourself from his network
Disdain all vices and all vain talks
Do good deeds and follow your Lord
The owner and creator of the world.

Oh God, the Majesty and the Able
We are weak and completely unable
Help us not to be deceived by devil
Keep us away from all vices and evil.

Al-Hamzah, 2015


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