The Evil Tree

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If any society is to prosper, the root of the cause of its woes, The Evil Tree (corruption), must be uprooted, writes Al-Hamzah.

The Evil Tree - Corruption
The Evil Tree – Corruption

In this contemporary era
In a country that uses Naira
I mean our good Nigeria
Corruption rules this area.

It is unacceptable to nations
It exterminates good visions
It disturbs peace missions
A monster called corruption.

It brings with it hunger and anarchy
Its hands break all laws and justice
It destroys good people in society
It leads to national emergency.

We sharpened our axe to cut this tree
From now we will fight it till it do flee
And leave our country corruption free
That is when we will live in full glee.

Al-Hamzah, 2015


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