My Hearts

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In My Hearts, Al-Hamzah sends words of praises to his better half and the apple of his eyes that make him thick.

My Hearts
My Hearts

This morning I intended to greet
The one who is lovely and sweet
My Halima, the Queen of beauty
You are good, also nice and pretty.

I write this short song for you to rejoice
Endless melody is in your pleasing voice
Praising you all the time is my choice
This is the truth I wanted to tell you since.

In your life Halima, there will be no fear
For your own success, Abubakar do care
News of your success is what I will hear
And that of our Kausar, who to us is dear.

Your gorgeous smile makes sadness depart
Your matchless voice penetrate into hearts
Whoever have you is the luckiest person
Because he will live his life without tension.

Now it is time to sing for princess Kausar
Our intelligent, young and excellent Kausar
She will be among those to drink al-Kausar
My special greetings to our special Kausar.

Your life and that of our people is evil free
Your whole life on earth will be lived in glee
May all your enemies on seeing you do flee
This prayer is extended to your family tree.

Al-Hamzah, 2015


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