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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Political Interviews
  • ‘Why Kwankwaso made Atiku to fail Kano’ – Sani Dumus

Alhaji Sani Dumus also tells why Deputy Governor Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna is the best bet to succeed Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State

Your brief biography

My name is Muhammad Sani, best known as Alhaji Sani Dumus. I hail from Gyadi-Gyadi North, Tarauni LGA, Kano State, did my primary education in Gyadi-Gyadi and secondary education at Sabuwar Kofa. I also did a diploma in Agric Landscaping at NDE (Nigerian Directorate of Employment).

Occasionally while in secondary school, I had been participating in politics during the NRC/SDP era. From 1994-1996, I also worked at Rafin Gora Investment, owned by Late Alhaji Kabiru Usman.

Later on in 1997/1998, I joined politics fully. I was also part of The Buhari Organisation with Ibrahim Little, Ibrahim Shekarau and Kabiru Gaya, and I attended all of their meetings.

In 2003, we played a great role in the election of Ibrahim Shekarau as governor under the umbrella of ANPP (All Nigeria Peoples Party).

Malam Shekarau really helped us. It was during his tenure I furthered my education. And it is through this knowledge I support myself and others today. I have also trained others, who are now also supporting themselves.

Sani Dumus: ‘Kwankwaso intentionally defeated Atiku in Kano’

In 2011, Buhari left ANPP (All Nigeria Peoples Party) and because we were following him 100 percent, we decamped with him into the CPC (Congress for Progressives Congress) which he formed. I even contested for the member of Kano State House of Assembly representing Tarauni under that new party.

Even though I didn’t win the election, I was impressed with my performance. This is because all the candidates we enjoined people to vote for were voted into office.

Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya for Governor 2015 campaign

In between 2011 and 2013, Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya called me to support his campaign. We sat together in his house at Miller Road, here in Kano, and strategized how to market his candidacy come 2015.

‘Senator Kabiru Gaya unsuccessfully ran for Kano state governor in 2015’

I advised him to start an academy which will draw attention. Politics is now run by the youth. He agreed and we created the Senator Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya Football Academy. I was made the Director, while Mustapha Coach was the technical adviser.

We assembled around two players each from each of the local government areas Kano which added up to 88 players. Hence we had the Under 15 and Under 13 groups. Each week, we trained at Audu Bako Secretariat.

We played a match at Jigawa with Sule Lamido Academy, which we won. We also played a match in Kaduna with Namadi Sambo Babies and also won.

Engr. Bello Sani Gwarzo for Governor 2015 campaign

In 2007, Engr. Bello Sani Gwarzo was the Managing Director of Kano State Guidance and Counseling. I have a friend who, through the influence of Engr. Gwarzo, was recruited as a soldier.

Between 2013 and 2014, Engr. Gwarzo saw me at Farm Centre GSM Market where I repair phones. He called me to join his 2015 governorship campaign. I told even though I was already with Senator Gaya, I will look into his proposal.

I remembered the good thing he did for me in 2007. You will never forget a person that employed someone on your behalf. That friend of mine, Auwal Ibrahim Ajingi, was sent to the NDA and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. I will forever be proud of that. So because of that, I decided to support Engr. Gwarzo.

Furthermore, I also believed that if Engr. Gwarzo becomes governor, I will be able to get more employment opportunities for others.  

‘I believed a Gwarzo’s administration will benefit the populace’ – Sani Dumus

Hence in 2014, I relinquished my post at Kabiru Gaya’s house. It wasn’t because we had any differences. No! I told him, “Distinguished Senator, I want to move to another house to see what I can do over there.”

When I came over to Engr. Gwarzo’s house, it was decided that an election should be conducted to create a leadership structure for the various support groups drumming for his election. By then, I was in charge of a PDP Youth Organisation and the Voice of PDP Northern Nigeria, where I was the national PRO and the state chairman.

After the election, I was elected as Chairman, Contact and Mobilisation Committee.

“In politics, you must do three things. You must hate what is in your hand and give out to people. You must persevere in contacts. And the last, you must believe to either win or lose.” – Sani Dumus

Sani Dumus

Within a short time, with God’s help and then our efforts, Engr. Gwarzo realized that his campaign was now moving more than his former effort in 2007. So, he believed he has appointed the right politicians to sell his candidacy.

So one day, he decided to appoint directors for his campaign. Without consulting anyone, he appointed 16 of us as his directors. I was made the Director Youth Mobilisation of the Gwarzo Campaign.

Among the directors were Bello Gaya (Director/Zonal Coordinator North), Kabiru A. S. Marwana (Director/Zonal Coordinator South) Malam Sa’idu (Director/Zonal Director, Kano Central) and Mikail Sule Koki (Director General).

We toured the whole 44 local governments selling Engr. Gwarzo’s candidacy.

But during the 2014 PDP primary election at Marhaba Cinema, the leaders of the party did whatever they liked. They have already chosen who they wanted to be the party’s gubernatorial candidate. If it had been a free and fair election, Engr. Gwarzo would have performed very well.

After the collation of results, Malam Salihu Sagir Takai was announced as the candidate.

Engineer Gwarzo was furious. We were also very angry. We were angry about the work and efforts we put into the campaign. He, on the other hand, was looking at the money and efforts put in the project, and what took place afterwards.

Even if it were you, you wouldn’t be happy.

Nonetheless, I advised him to go and congratulate Malam Salihu Sagir Takai over his victory. Being the same party members, his victory is our victory.

Even though Engr. Gwarzo and others were furious, I was able to pacify them. I told them “If someone defeats you today, you shouldn’t worry, because tomorrow you might defeat another person”.

The next day, we went to Takai’s house, congratulated him and assured him of our 100 percent support. Takai was very happy and this singular act further endeared Engineer Gwarzo to him.

When we came back, Engr. Gwarzo commended me saying, “After we came back from this visit, my anger has subsided.”

‘Why I left Engr. Gwarzo’s camp’

Before the PDP primary elections, there is one Abubakar Ayuba Captain, the Director/Secretary General of Engr. Gwarzo’s campaign. He is not a real politician. He is just a street politician. Not even a chapter, local or state politician. He was just given the position out of relationship or any other reason.

Whenever we meet as directors, every person will give ideas on how we can push Engineer’s campaign to success, but he will always block them.

In politics, you must do three things. You must hate what is in your hand and give out to people. You must persevere in contacts. And the last, you must believe to either win or lose.

The directors also realized that whatever we suggested for, only about three in ten activities are carried out. Other times, it is only two in ten that are done.

So, from the handwriting on the wall, we realized that it will be difficult for Engr. Bello Sani Gwarzo to succeed. But we still did our best.

As a professional politician, whenever I meet you, I can know where you are heading and who you are. From our interactions at the committees’ level, I had already measured up Abubakar Ayuba Captain. He was my former secretary of the Contact and Mobilisation committee.

His actions hurt us very badly. We believed he didn’t have Engineer Gwarzo’s best interest at heart. But we persevered to see the end result.

And after the primary election, Malam Takai was returned as the PDP candidate.

In 2015, after Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of the APC had won the general election, we still remained with Engineer Gwarzo.

Between 2016 and 2018, I made up my mind to switch alliance if no change is carried out in Engineer’s camp.

In politics, I am blessed with ability to forecast. I realized that if I stay in the house, I will be irrelevant politically.

So, I met the Engineer and told him, “You need to change the ways things are going on in your house. If you don’t, you will not succeed at anything.”

By year end, I realized no change was made. Under the current circumstance, I resolved not go into 2019 in Engineer’s camp. I wrote him a resignation letter that I have relinquished my position as Director Youth.

‘Ibrahim Al-Amin Little’s push for governor…’

But before I relinquished my position at Engineer Bello Sani Gwarzo’s campaign, Ibrahim Al-Amin Little had contacted me and Alhaji Bala Baiko. Alhaji Little was then gunning for the 2019 governorship ticket of PDP.

We sat at Sokoto Road where they requested I join them to sell Little’s ambition. But there and then, I requested that they give me time to make up my mind regarding Engr. Gwarzo’s campaign.

When I informed Engr. Gwarzo of my intention to quit his campaign, he said even though he will not stop me, he was worried my departure could put his campaign in disarray. So he pleaded with me not to speak badly of him wherever I go and not to reveal his secrets to political rivals. I assured him that I am not a person like that.

After I left Engr. Gwarzo’s campaign, I held a closed door meeting with Alhaji Bala Ya’u Baiko at his Naibawa residence with Umar Hashim Sani where they asked if I have really relinquished Engineer’s movement. I answered in the affirmative. So they asked, “How do we progress with the Little project?”

I told Alhaji Baiko from the onset that “I hope you will become Campaign Director of Alhaji Al-Amin Little.” And I then went on presenting how a proper campaign structure for the realization of Alhaji Ibrahim Little can be formed.

First of all, I informed them that even though the period wasn’t a campaign time and at that time, ex-governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso had verbally killed the PDP, the party was in a comatose condition. And its revival looked like an impossible task. Hence, I rammed it in our minds, “Selling PDP will not be a walk in the park”.

Since 2003 when Ibrahim Little ran for governor under PRP (Peoples Redemption Party), he hadn’t campaigned for any position again. By now, he had lost his entire support base. So, I added, “We must build a campaign structure that will Ibrahim Little into office”.

They asked, “How do we proceed?”

“We will create a campaign structure that will run under the umbrella of an association,” I answered.

During that phase, it was only an association that can go into a local government and campaign. You can’t campaign under a party. If you campaign before the ban on political activities was lifted, your campaign could be banned.

But if we wait till the ban is lifted, Ibrahim Little’s ambition will definitely have problem.

So, we created the Ibrahim Little Support Group as an association, which we will ultimately use to build up his campaign structure. I was made the PRO of the association.

We toured all the 44 LGAs of Kano state, calling on people to join the PDP. Wherever we go, people received us warmly.

As I can recall, there was a time we wanted to tour Madobi, Karaye, Kiru and Gwarzo. At Madobi, we were reported to the police. Even though we went with banners and posters, I ordered the team to hide them under the cars’ seats when we get there.

Whatever we discussed at the meeting was recorded and sent to the DPO of the local government. The DPO and his team came out in convey of three cars and blocked our exit route.

When we were leaving they stopped us and asked who gave us the permission to hold a political rally. I told them that we didn’t come out for campaign. “Our association came to condole a member whose father died and visit another who is sick.”

The DPO did not have any proof to convict us. He didn’t see any banner or poster. So, he couldn’t hold us for any offence. Furthermore, I told him being a journalist, whatever they do to us, whether good or back, will be relayed on air.

After failing to convict us, I also gave the DPO some cash. Afterwards, the DPO and his entourage escorted us out of the local government.

In all the 44 LGAs of Kano state, we toured them and created Ibrahim Little political structures with our own funds.

‘Ibrahim Al-Amin Little single-handedly brought PDP out of its comatose state’

On his own part, the candidate gave all the PDP local government executives N500,000 each to open offices in their localities. It was Ibrahim Little that nourished the PDP as a party up to a stage where people started trooping back into the party.

And it was after this that Takai also started mobilizing for his campaign again.

‘How Kwankwaso hijacked Kano PDP…’

When Kwankwaso left PDP in 2014, he painted it black, and as such many people left in droves and the party became a graveyard. But the efforts of Ibrahim Little rejuvenated the party.

Ibrahim Little paid more than N20 million for the state party’s backlogs of rent and wages. He also paid another N5 million to move the state office to ABH House along Maiduguri Road.

Meanwhile, he also met local chapter executives, who he gave N1 million to N2 million for local running. So the party was in good shape.

Now, when people started trooping back to the PDP, all of a sudden, Kwankwaso dropped back into the party. He announced that he will contest for the party’s presidential election and he will be the one to pick its state’s gubernatorial candidate.

Kwankwaso (left) pushed Shekarau out of PDP

His actions angered people and they rose up against him. Even though we welcomed Kwankwaso back to the party wholeheartedly, the party gave him 35 or 40 percent of the party’s leadership. He met people in the party who have worked tirelessly and spent money on the party. But Kwankwaso refused, saying he has more followers, and should be given 60 percent.

At the end, the party leadership stooped to 50-50, but he still disagreed, requesting for 55, 52 or 51 percent. But the others refused and so, there was a stalemate.

In the meantime, he told the party leadership that since his main ambition was to win the presidential primary election, he would want to be given the delegates list to the presidential election. He was given the Five Delegates list.

He gathered the delegates at Lugard House and singlehandedly conducted an election without any old PDP members, security agents or INEC officials.

Kwankwasiyya wrote that Abba Kabir got so and so votes, Takai had this, Ibrahim Little had that, and so on.

Seeing all that had happened, the bad image they had hitherto created for the party, the efforts we’ve put into the party, we believed this injustice will not hold.

‘How Ibrahim Little campaign unraveled’

During this Kwankwaso debacle, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje called Ibrahim Little to discuss giving him the deputy governor seat. At that time, Prof. Hafizu Abubukar has resigned as Deputy Governor and the governor was searching for a replacement. Little told governor he had to discuss with his team.

He called us to a closed door meeting in his office at Sokoto Road and asked, “Should we go ahead with the PDP primary or collect the deputy governor’s slot?” We suggested strongly that he collect the deputy governor’s seat.

If you are looking for No. 1 and then you get No. 2, you are moving in the right direction.

When he went back to the governor’s office, and when they were discussing terms and conditions, Little requested that he should be given five House of Representatives members, three commissioners, special advisers and advisers. The governor promised him three commissioners, 15 special advisers, three advisers and 10 House of Assembly members. It was on the House of Representatives members they had disagreement.

Ibrahim Little insisted on five, while the governor said there are people that suffered for APC who wouldn’t feel happy if denied the opportunity to contest. So, there was a deadlock here too.

We were very worried that he didn’t collect the deputy governor’s offer.

But being an in-law of Atiku Abubakar, we believed that it was Atiku that stopped him from collecting it. Being his father-in-law, Atiku believed if Little run for governor, the latter’s support base will help the former in realizing his presidential ambition.

So we stayed on in the party, for good and for worse.

‘Why we left PDP…’

Meanwhile, Kwankwaso was insisting Abba Kabir is the candidate of the party, while Ibrahim Little and other contestants disagreed that primaries were not held in the state. They even went to the courts to disqualify Abba’s candidacy.

While that fiasco was ongoing, the party was divided into two factions.

In the end, Atiku inaugurated Friends of Atiku committees in all the states of the federation to market his campaign. It was suggested that each house in the PDP family bring one person each to form the 8-people committee.

I was nominated from Ibrahim Little’s house, and there were Musa Dan Birni who was nominated by the Old PDP group, Malam Ali Bichi from Kwankwaso’s faction, Labaran Danga, Ali Bukar and Sharfaddin Kantin Kwari from Atiku’s house.

Every day we sell the party in radio stations programmes. We also delegated others to do same, even with all Kwankwaso did to us. We believed if PDP wins, we are the ones that won.

To be frank, there are monies that were given to Kwankwaso to give to us. But he refused, targeting Abba Kabir’s campaign with the fund.

Whoever you see in politics is doing it to gain something. We realized we were suffering for nothing. This means that even if a PDP government is won, we will be pushed aside since we don’t put on red caps of Kwankwasiyya.

While this was going on, another committee of collation for Atiku/Abba organizations was created. When leadership of the committee was to be formed, there was a consensus in which I was chosen as the PRO. Abdulrahman Gobirawa was chosen as the chairman, Ishaq Khalid was the vice-chairman, Dr. Tasiu Sufi, a lecture at Northwest University, was the secretary, Rabiu was the assistant secretary, and Alhaji Lawan Zuffa was the Treasurer.

Among 120 people drawn from different organisations, the six of us were entrusted with the leadership of the committee.

At the end, it was this collation committee that registered the over 2,559 PDP organizations. For about five days, I couldn’t sleep properly. As the PRO, I was making calls every day, texting messages. It was afterwards that the secretary and his assistant came to help me with the work.

After concluding the registration of these organisations, we held a ceremony to launched them at Gidauniya, which had the attendance of the deputy governorship candidate, Comrade Abdulsalam Aminu, the then state chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Sulaiman Bichi, Dr. Dangwani, Sunusi Surajo Kwankwaso and many bigwigs of the party.

Among us, the leader of the committee, Abdulrahman Gobirawa, was also a neonate politician. He wanted to push us aside beside we don’t put on red caps. But we showed him we are grassroot politician.

When we had a difference because of his selfish agenda which I opposed, I told him this party will not succeed and because of his pomposity I will scatter the collation committee. He said I cannot.

So one day, I called a meeting of the whole house and informed them we are moving over to APC. I listed three of our grievances.

One, even though we were the ones that nurtured this party, we have been pushed aside. Two, the funds that were supposed to be given to us, as the foot soldiers, were cornered. Three, the leaders of this committee have no regards for people and are not true politicians.

Hence, I told them, “I am leaving. But however wants to stay can stay.”

Two out of three in that meeting left with me, including the Kwankwasiyya members that put on red caps, into APC.

‘APC receive us with open arms…’

Nasiru Aliko Koki (campaign director of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje) met us at a hotel. He called the Deputy Governor, Nasiru Gawuna who was the chairman Operation Tsamen Nama. As the PRO of the collation committee, I stood up and divulged all the secrets of the PDP, all its plots against the APC. We also provided the deputy governor with all the committee’ papers.

There and then, Gawuna gave me a car and also gave our committee plenty money. We were very happy and hence we joined the APC with full force.

We made this switch a week to the gubernatorial election.

“What Kwankwaso feared was that if Atiku should become the president, his own presidential ambition will become a foregone issue” – Sani Dumus

What really made us more furious to ditch PDP was this. On the eve of the 2019 presidential election, I was at Miller Road (the campaign headquarters of the PDP) up till 4am. We attended all the meetings which had the attendances of Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Rabiu Sulaiman Bichi and other PDP heavyweights. But at the end, it was only Kwankwasiyya people that were given mobilization fund to prosecute the election. Even my car had no fuel. It was Kabiru Getso, the directory/secretary of Abba Gida-Gida, that gave me N3,000 to refuel.

So, I sat down and asked myself, “What kind of politics is this?”

On election day, I alone can spend up to N150,000 from my pocket. But here is a presidential election, and nobody is giving me N1,000 to secure my polling booth. So, I concluded that this campaign was rife with selfishness and hypocrisy.

So when I returned home, I put off my phone.

In the morning, I went to the polling booth and voted. I stepped aside to watch the proceedings. When my supporters came and were asking for direction. “I am only here to vote, but will come back later to direct things,” I lied to them. I was the only one that knows what was going on in my mind, since I knew the huge amount Atiku gave to the Kano campaign office through Kwankwaso.

When I put on my phone, Rabiu Sulaiman Bichi called, saying “Eh, after I came out from office yesterday around 4.30am, I was looking for you to give you your mobilization fund”. I told him, “When I saw you entered another meeting, and you told me you will see me, I left.”

“So, where are you now?” He asked. I told him I’m at home.

“Okay, right now, I am in Bichi. But when I am back, I will see you.”

Till today, he hasn’t come back from Bichi.

‘Why Kwankwaso ensured Atiku’s failure in Kano ‘

These are some of the things we saw that we believed that the Kwankwasiyya faction didn’t want PDP’s victory in Kano. If not, why will somebody give you money to prosecute his campaign, but you refuse to work for him. This is because if that person succeeds, your own gubernatorial candidate will also succeed.

Kwankwaso played a kind of politics which laymen will not understand except veteran politicians.

‘Kwankwaso intentionally floored Atiku in Kano’ – Sani Dumus

What Kwankwaso feared was that if Atiku should become the president, his own presidential ambition will become a foregone issue. Hence, he tried all he can to defeat Atiku, so that anytime Buhari finishes his tenure, Kwankwaso can still be able to contest for president.

This is because after a Buhari’s first tenure of four years, and let’s say Atiku wins and rule for eight years, by then, the appropriate thing will be for the leadership of the country to go to the south.

So with Atiku’s eight years, Buhari’s four years and Yar’adua’s two years, that will be 14 years. Also, Jonathan’s six years and Obasanjo’s eight years give you 14 years. By then, there will be equilibrium between the north and south. And hence, it will be the turn of a probable 8-year rule of the south.

But then, right now, Kwankwaso is 60+ years old. If you add 16 years to his present years, in what condition will he be? Even if he is alive, by that time his reign is over; it will be youth’s time.

So, Kwankwaso forecasted this. To him, if he ensures Atiku’s defeats, a northerner, including himself, could still have a chance to contest after Buhari.

But God caught him. He got one of his wish, but the other was not fulfilled. His wish that got fulfilled was that Atiku didn’t win. His unfulfilled wish was Abba didn’t also win.

“In politics, selfishness and wickedness is not good. If you see that patience is what will give you what you want, put aside your ambition and support another person to victory” – Sani Dumus

If Abba had won and is in charge of Kano state right now, whatever fund that gets to Kano will be split into three; Abba keeps one, Kwankwaso keeps another and the third might be used to develop the state.

And Kwankwaso will stockpile whatever he got from Kano’s coffer to contest the 2023 presidential election. But in the end, he shot himself in the foot.

You can imagine, even as a senator with all his money, Kwankwaso ended up with about 100+ votes during the last PDP’s presidential election. And now that he doesn’t have anything, no presidency, governor or senator, how many votes will he get in an election? If before, Kwankwaso secured 4th position with 100+ votes, may be this time around, he will come 7th position with 10+ votes.

In politics, selfishness and wickedness is not good. If you see that patience is what will give you what you want, put aside your ambition and support another person to victory. The victory of that second person could earn you a position that might allow you to attain your own initial dream.

This was why we joined the APC and supported it wholeheartedly.

The deputy governor ordered us to go to any radio station in the state to market APC just the way we sold PDP in the past.

And for the five days before electioneering activities were put on hold, we laid siege to all radio stations in the state, marketing the APC brand.

Furthermore, I also gave out all the secrets of how the PDP planned to rig the elections against the APC. And we tried to block all loopholes. But even with this, the PDP still over­­-voted beyond reason.

However, in the end, the APC prevailed during the ‘inconclusive’ rerun.

How much did Atiku give Kwankwaso and how much was given to you?

Kwankwaso was given up to N500 million to execute Atiku’s campaign. He was also given N200 million to mobilize the media team. But, we were only given N150,000 each. This was what further angered us that Kwankwaso was not after Atiku’s success.

You were able to push Ganduje’s re-election which succeeded. What have you benefited from his government?

All praise is due to God. I can only sing praises about Ganduje’s government and pray that the regime is concluded successfully. And that God should give whoever succeeds him the ability to serve the state well in the future.

The reason why I say all these is because even before I stepped my foot in APC, I was bestowed with fortunes, unlike the PDP where I worked tirelessly, but was set aside.

After the election, M. A. Lawan was made the Commissioner of Housing and Transport. He called me to come and assist him. Later on, he was made the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice. And I still serve as his Special Assistant on Media.

And up till tomorrow, I am still with the deputy governor, Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna. Once in a while, I do visit him in the Government House. In the next general elections, we will see how we can push him ahead because of the good things he did to us before.

What are M.A. Lawan’s achievements at the Housing and Transport ministry? And what are his goals for his new ministry?

M.A. Lawan spent 240 days at the Housing and Transport ministry. In those few days, he nominated about 20 teachers who were given appointment in the state civil service. He also supported party members who have special needs. Furthermore, he developed a cordial relationship with the ministry’s civil servants.

When he transferred to a new ministry, they were worried. After his handing over, they escorted him to his new ministry, leaving their new commissioner behind. If he had not stayed with them harmoniously, they wouldn’t have done this. They would have just bid him “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

“Politics is about people. If you are not good to people, you will be changed.” – Sani Dumus

But as a lawyer, before now, M. A. Lawan had been a champion of the downtrodden. He has good rapport with people.

When he was transferred to the justice ministry, people over there are now saying that his coming has really transformed the place.

There is an issue that will really surprise you regarding justice ministry. In the commissioner’s office, there is a door with a broken glass that has not been fixed. It was patched with araldite. The past commissioners couldn’t even change the door. That door will not cost more than N100,000. But with his coming, the new commissioner ordered the door be changed. A new one has been put in its place.

Furthermore, since the creation of the ministry, it has no website of its own. M. A. Lawan created one for it within one month.

He has also beautified the commissioner’s office. Even people of ministry comment that it is now they know that a commissioner in place. The former commissioner was not a people person. He was a just book worm.

But politics is about people. If you are not good to people, you will be changed.

‘Who should succeed Governor Ganduje’

Who do you think should succeed Ganduje among Senator Barau Jibrin, SSG Usman Alhaji and deputy governor Nasiru Gawuna?

There is no better person to succeed Ganduje other than the deputy governor.

Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna: Best bet to succeed Ganduje

In the first place, Dr. Nasiru Yusif Gawuna is the deputy governor. Whatever project the governor executed is with his input. Secondly, Gawuna is among those that risked their lives for the reelection of this administration. The whole world saw that. Some criticized him, while others praised him. But we are among those that appreciated what he did. He did the right thing.

If the other party had been the ones that won the election, it is very likely that by now we might not be alive. Even if we are alive, it is likely we are not in this state. We might only be able to come back to the state after their tenure.

They are an unforgiving and impatient people. If they are given power, what will you expect from them?

That was why God accepted our prayers and gave us a better option.

‘How PDP tried to rig 2019 Kano gubernatorial election…’

During the 2019 elections, I saw with my two eyes youths who stopped people from voting. It is a law that on Election Day, nobody should call a candidate’s name at polling units.

Who also gave you the permission to declare that “Everybody is an agent!”? These are abuses of democracy. And these are what PDP did on Election Day.

In politics, propaganda is allowed. But it is done before the Election Day.

But on Election Day, you will see a person pick up a phone, pretending to be on call, asking, “Who won in Minjibir? Is it Abba that won the election? Over here, Abba has won the election too.” But he is lying. This kind of propaganda weakens the resolves of those that want to vote for the opposition.

Or at the polling unit, you will see the youth of the other party looking at what you voted for. Or you will see a person voting more than 10 times. I saw these with my own eyes.

Before the rerun of the inconclusive, I went to the deputy governor’s house on a tricycle. While I pretended that I was a Kwankwasiyya member, the tricycle driver told me that he and ten of his friends voted more than 20 times each.

When I got to the front of deputy governor’s house, I told him, “My friend, watch your mouth. You have just told me that you and your friends voted more than 20 times. If I tell these security operatives to hold you, you must produce your other accomplices to confess your rigging.”

He started crying. But I told him, “I will not do anything to you. But you should watch your mouth. In due course, you will get the ramifications of your actions.”

I told him, “If you do this in the ‘inconclusive’ rerun, you will definitely not get what you want.”

Was it not your party that used thugs to drive away voters and journalists during the rerun and did whatever you liked?

That is just propaganda. A defeated person will say anything.

What are Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna’s qualities that make you insist he becomes governor come 2023?

Firstly, he is a fearless and active person. Secondly, he is an elder-statesman who is respectful and kind. Thirdly, he is someone who helps people. And then, he is knowledgeable and also patient.

You will hear people blackmailing him in the media. But he stopped his supporters from replying them. But we are telling these people to desist or else a time will come when if they say one thing, we will match them with ten.

Some people say the deputy governor has never won an election by himself, while as chairman of Nassarawa LGA. And that even during the 2019 elections, he wasn’t also able to secure Nassarawa’s votes?

Have you ever seen any politician who won an election without anybody supporting him? There is none.

In the whole eight local governments in Kano metropolitcan, show a place where any of the APC bigwigs wasn’t defeated. Abdullahi Abbas, state chairman of the APC was defeated; Nasiru Aliko Koki, campaign director was defeated in Dala. Ali Baba Agama Lafiya in Fagge was defeated. Baffa Babba Dan Agundi was also defeated.

Is there anybody in the metropolitan who can say this and that did not win their wards? We will ask him “Did you also win your ward or polling unit?”

Like I told you before, there were massive over-voting and rigging in the 2019 general elections.

“People will only check your track records. If you have been good to them, they vote for you. If not, they vote for someone else.” – Sani Dumus

Some people also say that Gawuna is not from Kano.

Barack Obama’s father was from Kenya. But he ruled America; you can even say he ruled the whole world.

Furthermore, there is a law in Nigeria that states that if you stay in a place for about two to three years, you have every right to contest for election in that area. Not to talk if you gave birth to a child in that area. Any child born in any location has become an indigene of that area because his umbilical cord is buried there.

Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna was born in Gawuna, Nassarawa LGA of Kano.

Is Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso not also a settler? Some people even said that he is a Yoruba; that his father was a railway worker who gave birth to Kwankwaso in Madobi. Did this stop him from becoming an indigene of Kano state? Didn’t he rule the state?

People will only check your track records. If you have been good to them, they vote for you. If not, they vote for someone else.

Do you also support the notion that his parent are not from Kano?

No. I don’t believe that. I only gave an answer with regards to your question. That people are saying he is not from Kano. So I said if he is not from Kano, is Kwankwaso also from Kano? Some people even said he is a Yoruba man.

Is that not rumours?

Then is Gawuna’s case not also a rumour? Is his a fact? This one too is rumour.

‘Performance of APC governments’

How do you rate the performance of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje?

The governor is an elder-statesman. He has done well. We thank him for all he have done and is still doing.

This is someone that institutionalized free and compulsory education. Is there any governor that did this in Nigeria? Recently, my son moved from junior secondary to senior secondary school and I didn’t pay a penny. But before, you will be made to buy this and that, pay this and that, and so on.

In addition, many teachers were also employed recently. Just now, I told you that the former Commissioner of Housing and Transport nominated 20 people for employment. While other state governments are reducing their workforce, Governor Ganduje is employing more teachers.

Even of recent, the governor gave each of the 44 local governments in the state N20 million each to repair all schools that are in bad shapes before the resumption of studies.

Then, look at the numbers of highflying underpasses and overhead bridges that the governor created. Look at the empowerments of small and medium scale entrepreneurs and even civil servants.

What else do you want him to do? Anything you want the governor to do, have been done already.

What is your say on the debts the governor wants to incur?

I support the notion of collecting debts. But I do not support that rail lines and trains be constructed with the money. Rather the money should be used to fix local roads in the state so that the masses will enjoy dividends of democracy.

President Muhammadu Buhari is from your party. People complain of hunger and insecurity in the country. What is your take on his government?

Even though I was a die-hard supporter of Buhari, right now, I will never campaign for him. Whether you like him or not is your prerogative.

‘I will never campaign for Buhari again’ – Sani Dumus

In the past, I campaigned for him in radio stations. I gave him contributions. Even when he was in CPC, I even stood for election. In all the ten wards of my local government, there is none I didn’t support financially and politically.

Even if nothing, anybody that joins your party and propped up it ward offices is indirectly supporting your ambition. We did this because we had hope in Buhari.

But today, every promises that were made to the populace, none has been accomplished. Hence, I will anybody to support him again.

To me, a bird at hand is better than ten in the forest. Kano state government that is executing projects that I can see and feel, which executes projects that it promised the electorate, is the one I know and promote. I do not have any relationship with the federal government.

Will you contest for election again, or are you now always going to push other peoples’ ambitions?

For now, I will not contest again. As it is, I am now becoming an elder-statesman. I do not need to stand for election to help my people. It is not till I become a house of assembly member or a chairman that I will bring development to my area. My aim for contesting in an election is to help my people.

Apart from Auwal whom you helped to secure Army enlistment, have you ever brought any development to your community?

Even though I am from Gyadi-Gyadi ward, when I stood for election, I ran from Hotoro NNPC ward.

Since the onset of democracy, they had never been a house of assembly/representatives member or chairman from Hotoro NNPC ward. This is surprised me. Are the politicians in the area not serious about politics or are they not in good relationship with their people?

And since I have stayed in the area for about four years and I’m an indigene of the LGA, I believed I had the right to contest.

While I was contesting for the House of Assembly seat in CPC, then Kano state governor, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, was in ANPP. Because of our prior rapport, I met Musa Iliasu Kwankwaso, commissioner of rural and community development, and complained Hotoro NNPC’s road problem.

If you want to enter your house, you cannot enter through Hotoro NNPC. You have to turn round through Walawai like a thief because our roads were in dire state. After complaining to the commissioner, a road was constructed with drainages from NNPC that passed up to By-pass close Bamud oil.

Up till tomorrow, people are proud of that work.

One last thing, will you say you are now an AGIP (any government in power) politician?

I don’t think that will be appropriate, because I have never joined party with Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso until recently. I don’t believe in his ideologies and policies. If he joins a party, I could leave the party for him. If he left, I can then come back again.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you too.

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By Faruk Ahmed

Faruk Ahmed cut his teeth at National Review, a Kano-based magazine now rested, where he rose to become Operations Manager and then Business Developer and Strategist. He is a keen watcher of political events.

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