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Sending customized bulk SMS is cheap and easy. This tutorial will show you how to compose and send bulk SMS with OliveSMS.net, Your No. 1 Bulk SMS Site!

Send cheap and fast bulk sms with www.OliveSMS.net
Send cheap and fast bulk sms with www.OliveSMS.net

Bulk SMS is a system that enables one to send multiple customised text messages to multiple phone numbers at once with the single click of a button. No stress, no hassles!

When you type a single message together with the phone numbers and a Sender ID, all you need to do is to click a Send button. Once this is done, the message will be delivered to all the phone numbers within the shortest time possible, even if the numbers are in thousands.

If you are a new user at OliveSMS.net, you will need to Register an account which is free [You are even given ten (10) free sms units to start with]. Once you are registered, Log in to your account and you can start enjoying the sweet features of bulk SMS on www.OliveSMS.net.[Check the section below to see How to Register an Account].

Relax! We know you have many questions in your mind. In this tutorial, we will show you how to unleash the power of customized bulk SMS to market yourself, business, ideas and beliefs. Please see the list below:

>> How to Register an account
>> How to Log in to an account
>> How to Compose and Send Bulk SMS
>> How to Create a Phonebook Group


How to Register an Account

Registering an account on www.OliveSMS.net is very easy. Once you are on the website, do as follow:

>> Click on any link that states Register or Create an account. Once you do this, a User Registration form will be displayed.

>>Fill in the required information such as Names, Username, Email and Password in the form displayed. The items asterisked are mandatory to be filled. [Note all the important information you supplied in a secure place.]

>>Once you finish filling the information, click on the Register button at the bottom of the form.

>>If your registration is successful, an activation link will be sent to your email. Open your email and click on the activation code. [If you did not see the activation code message in your Inbox, check the Spam folder.]

>>Clicking on the activation link will take you back to www.OliveSMS.net where your account will be activated successfully. All you need to do now is Log In. Fill in your Username and Password at the space provided and click on the Log In button.

>>If logging in is successful, click on the Settings menu by the left-hand side of the page to enter your GSM Number and Date of Birth. Leave the remaining boxes the way they are. Click on Upload button when you are done. [The website uses your GSM Number to communicate with you.]

>>If the Update is successful, you are good to go. Click on the Compose SMS link and start sending customised bulk SMS to friends and family.

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How to Log in to an account

If your account has been registered and activated successfully, follow the processes below to log into your account:

>> Locate a Log In form or click on a Log In link. Type in your Username and Password and press ENTER key or click the Log In button.

>> If the Username and Password are correct, the website will redirect you to the registered members’ area where you can compose SMS, create phonebook groups, buy SMS units, load SMS vouchers, etc.

How to compose SMS
How to compose SMS

How to Compose and Send Bulk SMS

You need to be logged into www.OliveSMS.net first before you can compose and send customised Bulk SMS. Once logged in, do as follows:

>> Click on the Compose SMS link.

>> In the Compose SMS form that appears, type in the Sender Id.

A Sender ID is the name that appears as the sender of the message and appears on the list of SMS in your phone’s inbox. Examples of Sender IDs areGarba&Fati’, ‘Wilson’, ‘Fairfield’, ‘MSSN’, ‘CAN, ‘NANS’, ‘IQRAA’, ‘Wedding IV’, ‘Barkamart’, ‘Memorila’, etc.

>> Type in all the phone numbers in the Recipients textbook.

Multiple numbers should be separated by commas or each put on a separate line. If your recipients are already stored as a Phonebook group, click the Select From Phonebook Group to choose the Phonebook group. [See How to Create Phonebook Group below]

>> Type in the message you want to send into Type Message textbook.

>> Finally, click on the Send SMS button.

Note that, you can also schedule the message to deliver at a later date by selecting the Send Later button to specify the date and time of delivery.

>>Hola! After clicking the Send SMS button, wait awhile the website processes the messages. Once successfully sent, a notification message displays showing successful delivery or otherwise. [While the system is processing, make sure

you do not refresh the page]

Creating a phonebook group
Creating a phonebook group

How to Create a Phonebook Group

Creating a Phonebook group on www.OliveSMS.net is very simple. Please follow the processes enumerated below:

>>After logging into your account on OliveSMS.net, please click on the Phonebook link.

>>From the page that will appear, select the Add Multiple tab, which will display spaces you will Enter Phone Number(s) and the Group Name if it is a new group. If you are adding to an existing group, select the group from the Choose from Existing Group lists.

>>Next, click on the Add Record button. Wait while the website adds the record to display a success notification.

And that is it! Compose and send customised bulk SMS is easy. Doing it on www.OliveSMS.net is even better. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial?

If you are still in doubt, please leave a comment below or use any of the contact below.

To your success,

OliveSMS Team

For more information, please contact:
GSM: +234 (0)803 535 4008, (0)805 490 9055
Email: info@olivesms.net
Or visit www.OliveSMS.net to glean from the multiple Bulk SMS tips!


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