Muhammadu Sanusi II shouldn’t have been emir, By Zarah bin Jibrin

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Responses to Emir Sanusi II’s comment on kidnapped Kano kids further buttress why the monarch shouldn’t have stoop low to wear the crown, Zarah bint Jibrin writes

Monarchy has lost its value in this day and age. Glamour is what’s left of it.

A facebook friend of mine, Kabir Audu, once asked me if the emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II had said anything about the trending #JusticeForKano9, and I said something about him keeping out of the affairs of government.

See now.

He opens his mouth and volcano erupted.

Muhammadu Sanusi II should not have been emir
Muhammadu Sanusi II should not have been emir

I did not fly the #JusticeForKano9 hashtag, not because I thought it trivial. I didn’t because I found it hypocritical.

Da bai fi da ba. Who flies hashtags for the children abandoned to the streets? How many of them disappear daily without a trace?

We refuse to do anything about the almajiri children that roam the streets, we refuse to do anything about the rate at which men marry and divorce without alimony for the wife or support for the children. Was it not in Arewa here that a man divorced his wife and sent her away with the son and she had to abandon the child to roam the streets because she got remarried and the new husband would not care for another’s child?

Some good Samaritan here on facebook took over the upbringing of that son if I remember correctly.

Can somebody volunteer what happened to those parents?

I did not fly that hashtag because I did not, do not, will not share that sentiment making the rounds that those kidnapped kids were better killed than converted to Christianity. Children fa!

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I asked on one thread if we no longer believe that it is only Allah who guides people to his religion any longer. The main crime there for me, was/is the kidnapping and the enslavement.

Would it have been any less a crime if the children were stolen by Muslims and converted to Islam?

It is to be expected that the children would ‘naturally’ become one with ‘their’ environment, at least until they know better.

We condemn the Emir Sanusi II for saying we were negligent.

That is not a lie.

We make analogies that we should not make. How many of these kidnapped children were taken forcefully, at gunpoint, in front of their chaperones?

Kidnapped Kano kids and their captors
Kidnapped Kano kids and their captors

If I send my 3, 4, or 5-year old kids out of my view, across a street or two and they don’t come back, no one would have to blame me to know it was irresponsible of me to have sent them that far, in this day and age where your child is your absolute responsibility. Communal responsibility for a child is a thing we only talk about as having happened in the days of old.

It’s the Hausas who say “Gyara kayanka bai zama sauke mu raba ba”, and it’s the same people who cry foul over a piece of advice and admonishment. Chastisement, if you please.

Advice is easier given dama!

On Twitter, comments were flying that the Emir has not done anything in his capacity as a leader to help his people. Someone said all he does is talk.

Was it not the same Emir that almost lost his crown because he attempted to do something? He does not control any organ of state or law enforcement, all he really can do is draw attention.

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We say proffer solutions and we go to shout that the solutions are not workable.

If the Emir says today, any parent whose child is found roaming should be arrested and prosecuted for negligence, does he has the powers to arrest and prosecute them?

Would we be kind to him and tell him kindly that we cannot all hire chaperones for our kids at all times like he can or would we go all out calling him insensitive and privileged and too westernized?

So much for trying!

I have taken people off my list who think those kidnapped kids were better killed than converted because I couldn’t in all honesty, reconcile my thinking with their mentalities, and I have taken many more off yesterday because I don’t see them ever accepting a wrong, and I don’t see how anyone who does not accept or see any wrong where they’re concerned even when it is glaring, would right it.

Say almajiri in the North and they bring up baby factory to justify almajiranci.

Say Arewa divorce rates and underage marriages and they bring up prostitution and promiscuity and ‘indecent’ dressing.

Say drug abuse and they tell you that it’s the Igbos who are bent on destroying Arewa because they import cough syrup and push to the North.

Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II can but only talk. When we begin to see the logic in that talk, then maybe he can be strengthened to do more. I know he strives to be a leader, not a ruler. I hope he succeeds.

Posterity will be kind to this man even if we are not.

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Goodbye to those who would strike me off their lists for sharing same sentiments with one they so hate to love.


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