Why don’t we start acting? a poem by Hamamatu Ya’u | #PoeticFriday

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Hamamatu Ya’u in ‘Why don’t we start acting?’ decried high level of unemployments, calling on youth to innovate themselves out of poverty

Why don’t we start acting?

My time is still ticking.
My dream is not to be among the weakling.
Hence, I have to start acting.
I need to stop procrastinating.
To get a white collar job I’m hoping.
What if at the end I don’t get chosen?
What if I end up being a lazy citizen?
Not profiting my country?!
The number of unemployment is doubling.
I thought for a while and decided to start innovation.
I planned to start with something small that will benefit every citizen of my nation.

Why don’t we start acting - a poem by Hamamatu Ya’u - #PoeticFriday
Why don’t we start acting – a poem by Hamamatu Ya’u – #PoeticFriday

Read even harder, not to pass exams but for proper assimilation.
The wise man says “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
I’ve seen many entrepreneurs do the same
And believe me, they are very successful today.
There is a time when I became dissociated.
I precisely felt unappreciated.
Challenges are part of a successful change.

Giving up show how uninvolved one is.
I started by planting a mango tree.
I prepared four leather nurseries, one preceding the other.
Which yield full negative outlay!

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The seeds did not germinate,
Rather, after some weeks they all decayed.
But at last, among my trials, a leaf emerged from the last seed.
Making me feel passionate about the new living.
At least, I have tried something; through me, a life is given.
The government is also trying although the policies are not stable;
Youth empowering programmes, school entrepreneurship classes…
Indeed! The future of tomorrow lies in today.
Why don’t we start acting?
Instead of sitting around corners complaining.

Why don’t we start doing something?
Something new,
Something elaborate,
Something witty with intense merit
That may coincide with modern thinking
It is said that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Why dream of being the employed when there are chances of being the employer?
Avoid all form of atrocities to prevent being incarcerated.
Remember every nation’s future counts on it youth.
A daina zaman banza, the earlier the better.
Start something now!

© Hamamatu Ya’u, 2019

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