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In this moving poem, “Hidden Behind Curtains”, Maryam Ayanda laments the experiences of rape victims and how the society look on them

Hidden Behind Curtains

The pain between her thighs
The blood that spilled on her cloth
The scrutinizing eyes of her so call sympathizers.

She could see what they all thought
She could feel their gaze watching to see any fault.

Hidden Behind Curtains, a poem by Humayrah - #Poeticwednesday

For them, it was all her fault
Why wear a cloth that exposes your body?
Why wear something that calls a man to you?
And now, you weep
You are to blame for your misfortune, face the music alone.

They all forgot
She had always lived with fear
She had been told to walk carefully
Like there was ice dripping under her feet

But the deed was done
She had blood pouring through her battered mouth
She didn’t cry, not once and it scared her.

She felt tortured and broken
Why did no one think of hugging her?
Were they all disgusted by her?

She realized she was all alone in this world
She had to pick herself from the dirt
She had to numb the pain.

Her virginity had been shipped and packaged to a faceless
It had been served on a golden platter.

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She wondered to herself, is this how my life will be?
Will I live in constant fear?
Will I have to worry about the type of clothes I wear because I am a woman?

What about justice?
It took just twenty four hours to silence a girl
Bury the truth and make it all forgotten

Maryam Ayanda



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