FOR THE YEAR 2018, a poem by Mujahyd Ameen Lilo | #PoeticWednesday

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Mujahyd Ameen Lilo’s For the Year 2018, which is a moving eulogy on his late mother, also portrayed his coming of age in poetry and being. Enjoy.


For the year

whose January and February

brought the Sahara to my room

and through the dust

I saw Poetry

and it plucked my eyes

and put in eagle eyes

and gave me a pair of wings

to soar through the seven skies

and taught me how

to read the secret letters

in the open books of butterflies.

For the Year 2018, a poem by Mujahyd Ameen Lilo #PoeticWednesday
For the Year 2018, a poem by Mujahyd Ameen Lilo #PoeticWednesday

For the year 2018

when I dug out our root

knew what our forefathers sow

that we are now reaping


For the year 2018

when I discovered the eardrum-melting

music in the flipping of pages

when my new knowledge swallowed me

and then vomited the new me

standing high and regal like the Collossus


For the year 2018

when I cease counting the stars in the night

and instead count the strands of hairs

lining up above my upper lips like cars

during fuel scarcity.


For the year 2018

when a phone call announced

that in our hometown heels hit the hardbones

of behind as stones of death chased them

and mother’s chin married her palms

and her heart swells like dough in early morning

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and soon the hospital becomes her home


For the year 2018

when a shroud smeared in musk

carressed my face

when I first entered the home of silence

and push its cold sand onto the body

lowered into its final abode

onto this body still and cold

this body that’s mother’s


For the year 2018

when my mother left us

Author’s Bio

Mujahyd Ameen Lilo is presently in SS2 of Sunshine Int’l College, Kano. His works had appeared in Daily Chronicle, Daily Focus, Triumph, Praxis, Arts Musfair, Tuck Magazine, Leavestory, Insightful Observer and was once a Poet of the Week of Daily Trust newspaper. His poem I Remember a Borno [I] came third in BUK Creative Writers Competition while ‘Borno’ was the overall winner of the month of May. His story ‘Election Season’ got an honorable mention in the PeacePanel ANA/Kano Short Story Contest. He had been described by Konya Shamsrumi columnist, Maryam Gatawa as ‘a boy with very unique poetry voice’.

He is a finalist for the Wole Soyinka International Cultural Exchange Project Essay Competition 2019.


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