Winners emerge in Barkalheri’s 1st Cooking Competition

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The Group A members in the maiden cooking competition of Barkalheri Global Academy have emerged winners with their spicy jollof rice, Faruk Ahmed reports

When Barkalheri Global Academy (BGA) organised its maiden cooking competition on Monday November 19th, 2018, little did we know that the event will be so rich, educating, appetising and fulfilling. At the end, staff and pupils left with their tummies filled and smiles all over their faces, having savoured sumptuous meals.

Watch the video below:

The idea of the competition sprouted when the pupils of primary three and four suggested the school organise one for them to gauge their culinary skills. Being a school open to innovations, we accepted the proposal, promising to arrange it when much of the academic works have been dealt with. And hence, on the appointed date, we had the Barkalheri’s Maiden Cooking Competition.

The kids were grouped into two: A comprising Batulu Umar Alhassan, Fatima Kabir Salihu, Abdullahi Usman Abubakar and Hassan Haruna, while B comprised Hafsat Musbahu Abubakar, Maimuna N. Abdullahi, Abubakar Faruk Abubakar and Muhammad Umar Alhassan. The two groups were assisted by aunties Ganiyat Ganiyu and Amina Sulaiman Ishaq, respectively.

Group A Recipe – Jollof Rice
1 Meat
2 Green beans
3 Carrot
4 Cabbage
5 Groundnut oil (2 cups)
6 Curry powder
7 Maggi Onga
8 Salt
9 Sachet Tomato
10 Pepper & Onion
11 Rice

Group B Recipe – Jollof Spaghetti
1 Onion
2 Oil
3 Maggi star
4 Pepper (Attaruhu)
5 Spices
6 Meat
7 Vegetable (Alayyahu)
8 Spaghetti
9 Onga sachets

After the cooking was concluded and served round, voting took place. Being the returning officer, I hereby present the results below:

Jollof Rice Jollof Spaghetti
9 8
10 10
10 10
10 10
10 8
9 8
58 54

From the table above, you can see that the results were very close. But Group A still succeeded in overcoming Group B with 58 votes to 54. Hence, our champions for the maiden cooking competition of Barkalheri Global Academy are Group A.

As we sign out, we thank God Almighty who spared our lives and made the event successful, the kids’ parents who did a wonderful work in cheering them on, our staff who guided the kids very well, the pupils who were keen to continue learning the art of the kitchen, and to you for stopping by to read, view, watch and feel the event as if you were there.

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Faruk Ahmed

Faruk Ahmed is the founder of Having previously worked with National Review magazine, he is a keen watcher of political events.

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    Interesting, i really appreciate your job well done.

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