Laly Learning Ladder: The future is bright

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Laly Learning Ladder is making positive waves. With the determination of its proprietress and staff, the kids and their parents are set for a big treat.

“Dream,” they say, “comes true!” The dream of a mother to provide a befitting daycare for her daughter has manifested into an edifice promising to churn out tomorrow’s leaders worthy of emulation.

Laly Learning Ladder, the dream work of Mrs. Khadija Rufai Mahmoud, is an epitome of excellence, grandeur, good plan and efficiency.

Situated in the ancient city of Kano, Laly Learning Ladder is set to change the narration of the city by creating a magnificent citadel where pupils feel at home so that their subconscious and conscious minds assimilate learning naturally and quickly.

Founded on September 28, 2015, within a little time, parents are already feeling the impacts of the tender hands of the passionate staff at the institution. One of the staff, Munira AbdulQadir remarked that “Most of these kids come here speaking only their mother tongues!” But with the array of training coupled with the co-curricular activities the kids are exposed to, “within a matter of months, they now speak mostly in English language. This is what gives us joy,” Munira added.

According to a document produced by the school, Laly Learning Ladder offers a comprehensive curriculum for all classes, phonics sounds and blending, British early years’ framework, creative and developmental activities such as leadership skills, art and crafts, photography, swimming, drama classes, sports and so on.

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When this reporter visited the school recently, he thought he was in a different continent. Tiled floors, synthetic grass for sports, multi-coloured slide glasses, a befitting reception that will rival any hotel and the classes filled with teaching aids which all combine to stimulate learning. And that is not all! There is also a television set for watching rhymes, toys, crafts, books, pictures, well-structured furniture, and enough convenience rooms all artfully arranged to make learning fun and easy.

So far, the school runs daycare, pre-nursery and nursery classes from 8:00am to 1:00pm and Islamiyya session from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. And the fees are considerate putting into cognizance the quality of instructions the kids get and the other pecks given by the school. For instance, the school provides full nutritional meals twice in a day, breakfast at 9:30am and lunch at 12:30pm; and then snacks by 4:00pm.

In addition, the school does not take security issues lightly. According to the proprietress, “We have trained personnel and the staff are also on alert. We also take Drop Off and Pick Up cards seriously.” And according to her, the school will soon install CCTV cameras for further security checks.

For her success story so far, she re-echoed the statement of Munira. “We are able to nurture our pupils from babies to toddlers, mother tongue to English, self-centredness to selflessness. And like the school name implies, it is a learning ladder to a bright future!”

“Preparation,” a wise man once remarked, “is the mother of good fortune. Daring is the father!” Mrs. Khadija left a thriving career at one of Nigeria’s leading banks to set up a school from the scratch which is already yielding succulent fruits. She dreamt, planned, worked hard and here she is, reaping the harvest of her labour. But she is not finished yet! She plans to “expand so as to continuously graduate outstanding pupils,” and her staff Munira added “to build a university one day!”

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“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step,” goes a popular saying. If Laly Learning Ladder which started as a dream could be what it is at the moment, one can say that the future is indeed bright for the kids and the school.

You can communicate with the school through email via or call them on 08096636828, 07012226950


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