To be a top-notch writer, you must reinvent

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Are you finding yourself stuck in the past, labeled as old-fashion or ideas are no longing flowing? The Making Monday Mild crew has given us a solution to this dilemma – Reinvention. To know how a writer can reinvent to stay ahead of the pack, read on.

What does the story of the four lepers in the bible offer? Faith. Trust. And above all, the factor we call Reinvention.Stuck with the option of staying back and safe, they plunged ahead into the enemy’s camp. The dilemma was death from gruesome famine but didn’t it all end well when they made a different move?

So then, why is this our pick for this month?

Because we believe in Reinvention.

Because we believe OPPORTUNITIES meet PREPARED MINDS and a RE-INVENTED writer is a writer to crush on, anytime, any day.

We’ll be helping you out with a checklist for ways you can re-invent as a writer;

CRUSH ON ANOTHER WRITER – If you are stuck on finding that unique angle, you could spend time surfing the internet for good literary writers. There are lots of good writers to crush on in the likes of Igoni Barret, Brian Tracy, Aniehi Edoro, etc. And you would find your life would light up when you read more about their biographies and works. Reading about them makes you see new stances and stairways you can take or even better, follow theirs till you find yours.

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READ INTERVIEWS, SUPER HOT ONES – Yea, that’s why you should say thank you to us. LOL. Interviews have a great way of putting before you a plate of new thoughts and ideas. If you follow up good interviews closely, you will get an opportunity to reinvent an area of yourself or your works that’s in dire need of reinventing. Trust us when we say you gain more from interviews, so reinvent yourself regularly, by having a generous dose of it.

HAVE GOOD WRITERS CONVERSATIONS – Interestingly, this goes a long way. Far more than you can imagine. Instead of lounging in your own thoughts or ways of doing things, having good writers conversations can bring you closer to re-inventing those writing ideas you felt were junkies and probably jerk you up again.

There are so many other ways you can reinvent, whether it’s about putting your work out there or selling yourself as a writer or revamping your writing ideas.

The wrap is, like the lepers we earlier talked about, consider taking a leap and when you get stuck, simply Reinvent!

Blissful new month from all of us @MakingMondayMild.

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