When writers are true to themselves, all things fall in place – Darryl Holmes

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Awesome Making Monday Mild readers, we encountered yet another awesome writer whose experiences shape his writings. And we are delighted to be sharing this amazing interview with you.

Darryl Holmes is a New Millennium poet from Los Angeles California and Kansas City, where he had college education. An ex-US Marine, he’s a proud father of two sons and husband to a beautiful wife.

And this is how our interview went. Enjoy!

We are happy to have you on Making Monday Mild. We would love you to tell us your writing genre.

Poetry and inspirational writing.

Okay. What was your experience in the military like? And does it in anyway affect your writing style?

My experience in the military allowed me to see different ways of life from a perspective that many do not yet perceive. This is what I incorporate into my poems.

Writing is a career that requires total commitment, but you juggle between managerial roles at work and writing, what are the challenges, and how do you manage them?

As far as writing as a career, it is most difficult to juggle the two. But being retired as a soldier has allowed me time to write when I need to.

Interesting! In few words, what would you say about your writing style?

My writing style harbours around love, spirituality and truth.

Do you have any published work? If yes, where can it be found?

I have had works published by The International Library of Poetry, Illiad Press, Sunshine press, Earth Angel Books and I have received President’s Award for Literary Excellence in 2000. I was also nominated for the Shakespeare Award in 2002 and Editors Choice Award in 2008.

Wow. That is impressive. Your poem, Blood, Sweat and Tears, draws tragic memories about the past and the now that hasn’t changed much, what was your inspiration?

My inspirations come from life.

Blood, Sweat and Tears was thought to be a reminder of the past atrocities of blacks during slavery and its correlations to prisons looking for cheap labour now.

Here is our favourite question for writers on our platform. If you where to pick any writer from among your Facebook friends whose works inspire you the most, who would it be?

My favourite Facebook writer is Kenneth Norman Cook.

Using your favorite quote on your facebook timeline, “To Thine Own Self Be True”, what advice can you give wanna-be writers stuck in-between another career and their passion for writing?

What I have to say is that, in writing remember that when you are true to yourself all things fall into place.

On this note, I’ll leave behind this inspirational poem.


Found in the keys of LIFE
Sounds majestically
Through the words of our father

Its shell echoes cover the soul
To such an annuity
Received by and by
According to the law

The armour of its echoes
Strengthens the heart
Allowing restraint to sin
That cascades the truth

Its case created discoveries
To the bodies weaknesses
And fosters love for one
Given to all who believe

The gospel echoes Lend
A way to survival
When the world’s turmoil
Has too much to bare

Gospels Echoes
Copyright 2000

We thank you for inspiring us today.

You’re welcome.

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We wish you a Blissful Literary Week ahead!

Much love!


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