Why artists can make good storytellers

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I raised the issue of storytelling with a friend of mine who happens to be an artist and the response I got shook me to my bones. As a creative person one would expect that storytelling would come naturally but does it work that way? On the contrary. My friend made his point in clear terms and drew conclusions on not letting anything to interfere with his focus on the arts. Not even a little sneak peek on story telling.

I want to seize this opportunity to write to artists in this group that they too can be awesome storytellers by outlining three basic reasons why I believe artists can make or should make good storytellers.

1. The Idea of Conceptualization – To me the idea of conception in creating an artwork is no different from the one employed by storytelling.

2. Clientele – You need a generous amount of clients to flock to you and patronize your work of art I mean there are thousand and one person’s performing the same art as you are. What harm can a few storytelling do to you?

3. Imagery, Sights and Scenes – If you have the ability to paint or sketch still art works then you can exploit this skill to not only drawing or painting but also painting the right images, sights and scenes in the minds of your audience that would make them come for you.

In conclusion, a creative mind such as an artist, illustrator, sketch maker etc can also employ his artistic and create a picture his viewers would love.

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