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Today, we put together four memorable quotes from writers who have inspired us in one way or the other. We also gave you a glimpse of what to expect from the forthcoming Making Monday Mild 4-day Storytelling Experience. We don’t expect you to miss that!

Hello everyone. Hope our weekend was fantastic?

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The new week is here and hey, there’s no need for any hanky-panky panics now.

Your Mondays don’t have to scare you but inspire you.

At Making Monday Mild, we decided to put together four awesome writer’s quotes from our previous interviews to add some shine and shimmer to your Monday.

So spare few minutes to settle and ponder a while on each and get inspired by each writer’s thoughts.

>> Making Monday Mild – Poet’s Interview

“I love to find beauty in the ordinary.” ~ Melody Fisher

>> Making Monday Mild – Writer’s Lifestyle

“Appreciate your gift, It’s unique.” ~ Boma Fubara

>> Making Monday Mild – Poet’s and Author Interview

“Books are places I run to when the world is boring and heavy.”~ Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

>> Making Monday Mild – Writer’s Lifestyle Feature

“Our God is a God of Love, one who is forever coaxing and loving us into perfection!” ~ Kaine Robbie

We hope these all amounts to lighting up your week.

Introducing MMM 4-day Storytelling Experience

Also coming up next week is our very own Making Monday Mild 4-day Storytelling Experience, our well packaged writers’ online training program on the Art of Storytelling which would kickstart from 19th – 22nd of June, 2018.

The courses will open up your imagination to the many possibilities that abound and improve your storytelling in appealing areas like Art Analysis, Script Writing, Poetry and Playwriting.

Also you’ll have seasoned tutors who would reveal to you the secrets behind the hood.

For more Information on the writer’s training, courses and tutors send us a message at or call the following numbers 08066938345, 0816 499 9296, 0708 579 0429.

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Have a blissful new week ahead!

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