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After a month’s hiatus, Making Monday Mild is back and promising us much enticing, educating and entertaining entries from budding and established writers. Sit back, relax, keep your fingers crossed and assimilate. You’ve laid your hands on a hot dough

Yipee we’re back. Our regular Making Monday Mild posts would be back on board for us to enjoy.

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But we wish to pause and ask, “Did you miss us in anyway?” I know a lot of you sort out time to find out the reasons for our break. We all appreciate your efforts on checking up on us. It made us feel we’re really doing something worthwhile.

Once again we want to explicitly reaffirm our relentless love for you because without you there would be no Making Monday Mild.

We pledge to keep up topping our game and enhancing your literary experience in the best way we can.

Again let’s not forget that we are driven by the passion to celebrate, reach out to and encourage writers.

So as we kick off fully, we’ll appreciate your continued support in terms of liking, commenting and sharing our posts in order to make us serve you better.

Also do well to keep visiting our page and inviting your friends and family to do the same.

Till our next writer’s post, we wish you an awesome new week and blissful month ahead!

We love you.

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She's a Port Harcourt based Accountant, Creative writer and Poet. The CEO of Making Monday Mild, a platform that's dedicated to promoting writers and their works through captivating interviews and reviews. You can find her on Facebook @Depiriye Rwita Ggeorge, Instagram @depiriyegeorge and you can also follow to check out her Making Monday Mild page on Facebook.

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