‘To be successful, writers need to take book publishing as business’

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In today Writer’s Lifestyle Feature segment of Making Monday Mild, Emeka Nobis, an experienced author and writing coach, told Diepiriye Rita George that writers need to take their gift seriously by investing time to learn to become masters in the trade

Kindly introduce yourself?

My name is Emeka Nobis, I spent ten years of my life working as a mechanical engineer for a multinational oil servicing company. During my years working there, I met individuals who were gifted but couldn’t come to terms with showcasing their gifts to humanity.

I resigned from this job to focus on helping individuals who have a message to share with humanity but are scared, doubtful and confused, to become exceptional by clarifying their messages, build a platform for the communication of their ideologies and to earn by establishing profitable business systems. I do this primarily through writing, consulting, coaching and training interventions.

I blog regularly via www.emekanobis.com and have a thriving social media followership. My Twitter followership is above 10,000. I founded and administer a Facebook group called PEN & INK MASTERS. I founded it to help writers to become truly exceptional at utilizing their gift, expertise, experience, and knowledge to build profitable enterprises.

I have been featured on many virtual and physical platforms. Recently I’ve been listed as a TEDx speaker in June 2018.

I’m an author of 12 books and married to Joy and we have a son and daughter together. I’m from Imo State, Nigeria. I live with my wife, a son and two daughters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

What is your writing genre?

I write non-fiction, a bit of flash fiction, and poetry.

You studied Mechanical Engineering, how did you find yourself in the writing profession?

It’s a gift. It’s always been there. I knew that I had the gift in my primary school; I didn’t fully tap into it till university, even though I won a few awards for writing essays in secondary school. It was during my university days that I decided to hone the skill a bit, but then I still didn’t take it serious. I turned pro in 2011 when I realised that this was really what I needed to tap into to be of help to humanity in profound ways.

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As a married engineer turned writer, how do you balance the three? What is your most challenging factor and how are you winning over it?

While many may consider balance as a myth, that’s exactly what I try to do on a daily basis. I juggle the hats on a daily basis and plough time in aggregates and chunks to get work done. My wife is a spectacular woman who takes care of the home front while I deep my feet into literary waters. As for engineering, I’ll say I’m no longer involved technically after resigning from my job of 10 years. However, all the experiences and learning are still helpful to me as I navigate the waters of entrepreneurship.

As an upcoming writer, promoting a book to draw sales is always a difficult and near-impossible process. How do you think this can be overcome?

Making great book sales is a great challenge for many writers. Many years ago when I published my first book, it was depressing trying to sell the books. I got called names and I ended up giving away 200 copies of the book to people. For six years I refused to publish another book so that I could understand a lot of things about marketing and selling. I did and it’s been a growing journey. The fundamental base is for a writer to accept that book publishing is a business and must be taken that way. It’s about a writer knowing that he or she is called to a specific audience. It’s about community and they must be involved in the process of connecting with the writer’s worldview to spread it. It’s also about understanding how to set up appropriate marketing strategies that help the book to be seen by many eyes, engage with prospects and convert them into buyers.

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Ebook is the new cool thing in the writing industry following the difficulty in securing a publishing deal with traditional publishers. What advice will you give to writers planning to release ebooks?

It’s the easiest way to get a book out there when funds are the limiting factor. Within a few weeks, a book can be published as an ebook. I’ll advise such a writer to run with the plan.

Would you advise self-promotion against outsourced promotion?

Both work so well. It all depends on the goals and financial strength of the author. So far, it’s been self-promotion for me. With greater funds, I can try outsourcing. Both are great ways!

What are the special ways a writer can brand his/her writing, most importantly his/herself to maximize sales?
In simple words – grow your platform. Want to know how? Click m.me/emekajosephnobis and follow all instructions. You’ll get a powerful free resource that outlines the step by step process of building your platform into someone influential, visible, and capable of great wealth.

Your books, Addicted to Writing and So You Call Yourself a Writer? are like manuals for young and struggling writers… Tell us a bit about them.

Those two books were written with the intention to shake writers out of the lethargy that often envelops them to understanding that writing is a gift they’ve been blessed with and there’s a disservice and failure of personal leadership if they don’t build it into an enterprise.

So You Call Yourself a Writer? is like a question. Are you really a writer? What makes you one? In the book, you find the answers that satiate your curiosity and get you up to truly believe in your calling as a writer.

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Addicted to Writing is simply what it is. It’s giving you the prescriptions that can get you addicted to showing up and become a master in the writing industry.

On what platforms can your work, mostly the above mentioned two be bought?

They’re found on my own platform only. For now, though. So Your Call Yourself A Writer? is free to download while Addicted To Writing can be purchased at www.paystack.com/pay/addictedtowriting.

We know your writing journey hasn’t been easy – with so many ups and downs. What has been the best part of it all?

My beautiful parts are when I receive emails from folks who tell me how my writings have been a blessing to them. It’s such a thrilling moment for me.

In what ways do you think upcoming writers can make money off writing other than publishing a book?

– Ghost-writing to help people write their books.
– Content creation for personal and organisational brands.
– Consulting.
– Coaching
– Writing reviews.
– Creating courses.
– Training.

What are the three amazing things your fans don’t know about you?

I am authentic, approachable and empathetic.

Young writers are always discouraged by the so many hurdles and obstacles littered on the way to success. As a successful writerpreneur and coach, what words of encouragement and motivation would you say to them?

Just keep on keeping. The clouds will soon pour their rains.

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