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When Bashir, a corper serving in Benue state, employed tricks to ensnare a female colleague, Khadija, he ended up being the one that was trapped. Hunted has lessons to be learnt and anecdotes to be connected with. The story shows Gwa Doohemba at his best: suspense


July, 6.

My phone rang for the umpteenth times. I stole a glance at the caller id through the corners of my eyes. I was lying on my bed with the pillow over my head. Once I identified the caller, I pressed the silent button and resume my nap.

“Be with me, be mine and I will take your breath away.”

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That was the message I sent to Khadija two days ago using a new SIM card I purchased recently at Wurukum market.

How in the Lord’s name am I supposed to tell her that the guy that sat before her few hours ago is the same guy that sent that message to her?

The reason I sent that message was for the simple fact that I wanted to arouse her curiosity and if possible, find a way to woo myself into her heart. But I had never imagined it to climb to the peak it was currently positioned. Hardly do fifteen minutes elapse before she gives another call. My strategy was working at a pace I hadn’t expected. I refused to pick any of her calls; I would wait until my thoughts rule her world. I would wait until my thoughts become her companion. I would wait until her heart is on the verge of bursting out of her chest to go in search of me.

Khadija, my morning star, the northern star, that illuminates the northern horizon of my darkened world. How could I have possibly conceived the thought of finding someone so special and dear to my heart? Someone, who even in the comfort of my privacy strives against all odds to let go of habits she wouldn’t approve of. I want to be fully prepared so that when she begins to come closer, she would approve not only my facial appearance but my character as well. I now have my hair cut every week and shave my beards after three days. I wear perfume and powder my face; things I care little about in the past. Every of my cloth is pressed before I put them on.

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Should I be doing this? Shouldn’t a lady be the one fighting hard to keep a relationship?

I laughed in spite of myself. Who was I fooling? There wasn’t any relationship but here was I speaking of keeping one. I long to spend time with her but pretend to be busy when she comes near me. What a wimp!

I envisioned her pacing in her room, hoping upon hope that I would pick my call.

How I would have loved to bring her anxiety to an end but I had not yet summoned the courage even to speak to her on the phone. This was the first time a lady had captured my heart and in order to capture hers in return, I needed to get it right this first time by playing my cards well. For now, I would keep feeding more wood to the fire I had ignited by ignoring her calls; for now I’ll be the hunter.

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Doohemba Gwa is a young writer. He writes mostly novels and short stories and once in a while dives into poetry. His work has been published in 'Telling our Stories', an anthology of new Nigerian short stories published by ANA Kano. He was also published in Daily Stream newspaper as poet of the week on Friday, November 20, 2015 issue.

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