Our skin colour: A badge of honour or shame?

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In today’s Making Monday Mild, Diepiriye Rita George questioned why the fuss about being light-skinned over dark-skinned, and what should be the barometer to measure one’s character: skin colour or attitude?

What’s the whole fuss about our skin colour? Quite a number of us are in this reproachable position because we believe our natural endowments aren’t just matching up to the standards we desire, most especially, our melanin. It now seems to us like a badge of shame. A long trail of baffling questions could emerge from this? Is it just a thing caused by ladies or is it society-induced? Does the fact that you wear a black skin make you any less than your light-skinned counterparts?

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It is evident in a way, that while we flag up the war against skin bleaching/whitening, we often tend to fan and favour those light-skinned peeps over the darker ones. Recently, a reality show I stumbled on gave me an insight to this woeful intimidation. The light-skinned model got more admiration simply because in their eyes, her skin colour pulled a fair bargain. Despite the determination of the dazzling black skinned model, they just couldn’t settle for her. How hopeless can this be?

I encountered a long-time friend just recently and I strained my eyes to recognise her. I wasn’t even done trying to recognise her until she waved at me. Then I realised she was the one. Why did I act so weird? Because I used to know her as a fairly dark beauty but now, I had this shinning whitey before me and struggled to place the face. I hope you get where all this is headed and how important it is that we look into it more often.

Ladies and gentlemen on #MakingMondayMild, are we proud of our skin colour? Do we wear our skin with confidence and poise or are we still contemplating on a switch between being light-skinned and dark-skinned? What’s your stand on this matter? Let’s be honest. If you were to get compliments from your peers or the opposite sex, which skin colour would you prefer you had? Let’s examine this trend, closely.


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