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When Bashir, a corper serving in Benue state, employed tricks to ensnare a female colleague, Khadija, he ended up being the one that was trapped. Hunted has lessons to be learnt and anecdotes to be connected with. The story shows Gwa Doohemba at his best: suspense


July, 1.

I took my position in the corner with the dimmest light. The room was dark enough to shield my person but still I needed somewhere darker where I could feel safer and well concealed. I sat on a table that had about ten bottles of beer on it. I made efforts not to brag about my ability to consume a large amount of beer without getting easily intoxicated. I know myself too well and I wouldn’t lie to myself and honestly speaking, I was proud of this. I love life to its fullest; I love to get intoxicated on liquor, I love to attend parties, to club, to mingle with my kind and to gaze at babes with large boobs and big behinds.

As I sipped directly from my bottle of beer, I let my mind travel back in time to the first moment I had my first sip of beer. I was just fourteen then when I, in the company of my mates scrambled the school wall and went for an adventure. True, background and upbringing conceals our true self and that experience thought me that. I was like a virgin land waiting to be explored; a geyser waiting to be discovered. That day, my second personality was born, the very one that sat in a night club on a weekend Friday enjoying the scenario he was surrounded in.

I was on my seventh bottle when she stepped into the club; the person I had been waiting all night for. Without looking at my wristwatch, I knew it was past midnight. She stood at the door looking around her. She looked so fresh that I knew she was coming straight from home. Dammed! I couldn’t stand another moment away from her presence. I wanted to wrap my arms around her, cupped those luscious breasts in my hands, tickle her nipples and fumbled with the fold of her skin.

When I began to walk towards her, I found my steps were clumsy, unsteady. It didn’t take me long to know why; I had mixed my drink.

Felicity wasn’t beautiful, there is no way I could ever compare her to Khadija but she was endowed with striking curves that she wasn’t ashamed to reveal. Khadija is an epitome of what a man could ever desire in a woman as wife while Felicity on the other hand was someone that could be flaunted in the midst of friends and someone to quench the fire in me that Khadija’s thoughts ignites.

When I was standing so close to her that I could hear the sound of her heartbeat, she drew me even closer and placed my head on her breast. They were so tender that I feared they could drift me to sleep if I let another moment meet me there.

Someone had already taken care of that. It was the same guy that I first saw Felicity with. He pushed me so roughly that I fell to the ground. I rose weakly as I fumbled for something to support me rise to my feet.

I do not know what happened any more for the next thing I knew was that two hefty men came and took him away. Felicity cupped me in her arms as she would a child and true I was as feeble as a child. She shepherd me into a room that was upstairs. I walked beside her like a zombie unable to voice my opinions. She laid me on the bed and began to undress me. I swallowed hard as the thought of what we were going to do dawn on me. I laid still, waiting in anticipation. I had thought I would be the one in charge of exploring her but here she was consumed with a longing that matches that of my own.

She was good with what she was doing for first, she let her tongue rolled over me and then kissed me all over, all these while she was so quiet that it felt she was in deep meditation as she concentrated on caressing every part of my body with the tip of her tongue. She made me feel like a god the way she was so devoted. The feeling was so overwhelming that all I could do was to stare at her as I waited for her to get ready before I could penetrate her.

She took me full in her mouth until I was as hard as a rock. After that, she held my member in her hand and guided me to the fold of her skin. She brushed the tips of the cap on her public hair. By now, I was raw with a burning desire that her actions were making me feel like a wounded lion. Without looking into my mirror I knew my eyes were a reflection of the torment I was undergoing. I felt I could go ten rounds. One thing that gave me the heart to survive the torture was the fact that I wanted to savour each moment so I could live to remember it if not for my whole life but for a brief moment. But to my disappoint when I entered her, all the yearnings that had built inside me collapsed suddenly when I saw not the face of Felicity before me but that of Khadija.

She tried to go through the whole process again but I declined, knowing it was of no use. Khadija might not be here but her thoughts were with me and I knew it was something that she would frown at. I might not have asked her out yet but I felt a bond we shared right from birth. I reached a resolve that her thoughts would be my illuminator to my staying chaste pending when I will have the heart to ask her out.

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Doohemba Gwa is a young writer. He writes mostly novels and short stories and once in a while dives into poetry. His work has been published in 'Telling our Stories', an anthology of new Nigerian short stories published by ANA Kano. He was also published in Daily Stream newspaper as poet of the week on Friday, November 20, 2015 issue.

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