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Today’s Making Monday Mild had a guest, Nyerehwvo Ese Eyeregba, who explained what #MakingMondayMild is all about, the efforts the anchor and fans are making and how to take it to the next level. Watch out also for the forthcoming #MakingMondayMild contest.

Making Monday Mild is a forum designed by Diepiriye Rita George to bring together young, intelligent and enthusiastic writers so they can share their experiences, challenges and milestones.

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One major goal is to motivate upcoming writers, educate and entertain the public. Although it’s a very young group, I must applaud the consistency and steady growth achieved within this short phase, owing to the fact that the art or business of writing isn’t an easy field.

Making Monday Mild (MMM) makes effective use of social media which is a major tool that attracts the attention of its target audience.

It has a closed facebook group which is active and highly educative. See group here>>

Some very interesting topics have been discussed such as The Poetry Analysis: Rhymes Vs Non Rhymes, The Buzz around Novellas and other fun topics.

It also has an Instagram page which I find more colourful and interesting. It has more pictures of the young writers.

Although Making Monday Mild (MMM) is a young and growing adventure, I think we could do a little more to enhance this growth.

I think we could interview some older writers once a while (old broom sweeps better sometimes.) They have a wealth of experience and knowledge we could tap from.

We need more love stories, novellas and poems, the “they lived happily ever kind of stories”.

Finally, we all love free stuffs! It’s in our DNA!

It motivates us.

Let’s have more freebies, it’s going to pull more people to us. Thanks.

Freebies up for grab in the upcoming #MakingMondayMild contest

Making Monday Mild One Day Page Review Contest comes up this Wednesday 28th March 2018, 6pm – 11pm.

You are to write a review on how the episodes, writers or activities of Making Monday Mild have inspired you in 150-200 words. It could be witty, funny or educative.

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Post in our comment box on our Facebook Page, Instagram Handle, or on my Facebook wall.

The review with the highest number of likes earns its writer a chance to win N1500 worth of data. Participants would also receive free gifts (inspiring texts, quotes) inboxed to them.

Do have an awesome week ahead!

About Ese

Nyerehwvo Ese Eyeregba, had her Bachelors in Microbiology and Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Port Harcourt. She is currently pursuing her third degree abroad which she is very passionate about and plan to grow in. She loves traveling and reading.

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Diepiriye Rita George

She's a Port Harcourt based Accountant, Creative writer and Poet. The CEO of Making Monday Mild, a platform that's dedicated to promoting writers and their works through captivating interviews and reviews. You can find her on Facebook @Depiriye Rwita Ggeorge, Instagram @depiriyegeorge and you can also follow www.facebook.com/makingmondaymild to check out her Making Monday Mild page on Facebook.

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