‘Being yourself and patience, secrets to becoming a successful writer’ – Boma Augusta Fubara

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As Diepiriye Rita George promised us in March’s curtain raiser, today we have the pleasure of hosting Boma Augusta Fubara, the initiator of the motivational facebook page, Echoes of a Godly Woman, who says self-belief and patience are the epitomes of great writers.

And she says, “Yes! Christian writings are awesome!” Here’s how she locks it in on Making Monday Mild.

Hello awesome Making Monday Mild readers. I’m Boma Augusta Fubara. I am from Okrika in Rivers state, Nigeria. I am a lawyer, a teacher of God’s word and as you all know, a writer. So let’s get down to business because I’m so glad to be here today!

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What inspires your writing?

I write because I love it and it’s the best way I can express myself. It is also because it is a fundamental component of my vision – God-given assignment.

What’s your writing genre?

I hate to categorise my writing but for the purpose of this interview, I would say a fusion of expository and persuasive writing.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My write-ups are basically inspired by the Holy Spirit, so as He speaks I write. This does not mean my inspiration cannot come in other genres (maybe in the future), but at the moment, they are mainly expository and persuasive. The Holy Spirit… He actually made me start writing.

Where and where have your works been published?

I do not have any published works yet, though I hope to become an author soon. I haven’t gone in for any contests yet mainly because I have never considered it; maybe, sometimes in the future. Lol.

Describe your writing style in one word?


What writing styles are easy for you to pull off?

Truthfully, I do not really bother myself with conventional writing styles, so you can correctly assume I’m not a professional writer but like I said earlier, I get my inspiration from the Holy Spirit, so I just put it down as it comes, no formalities! Nothing!

So, what would you love to say to other upcoming writers?

Be yourself and concentrate on the genre that favours you but explore other areas too. Go for more knowledge in this area (which I am seriously considering at the moment). Rely on the help of the Holy Spirit at all times. Be patient! You need a lot of patience to proofread and ensure you are actually passing the message you intend and not delving into something else especially when it’s expository writing. It’s a very thin line between the crux of the matter and trivial issues.

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Don’t be carried away with explanations. Without touching the main issue, this makes your work clumsy and non-reader friendly. And finally appreciate your gift! It’s unique!

Thank you for taking the time to always read my mostly very lengthy posts, for all the likes, shares, comments and even sharing your personal testimonies with me on my page. I am grateful. I love you all and I pray that men will celebrate you and your vision, Amen!

For those who haven’t read my write ups yet, do visit my Facebook page. It is a living proof and store for all my works for now. I’m very sure it will bless you. God bless you.

And that is it. Hope you’ve been inspired by this. Visit MakingMondayMild page on Facebook for more captivating writers’ interviews.

Have a blissful week ahead!

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