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In the Making Monday Mild edition of March 2018, our anchor, Diepiriye Rita George, is promising us an engaging month wherein she will share interviews with budding writers who need space in the sun to shine

March is our month of lovely reviews and so our hearts just got to be set on reviews in special ways. We’ll be having our first ever review contest Showing love to Making Monday Mild Contributors and heralding the Vision of the Site.

This month would also be dedicated to raising the hopes of discouraged writers who ain’t published yet, but are towing that path. Sometimes we’ve got to look past the big giants so that we can nurture the tender and upcoming sprouts. We are going to be saying to them, “Arise! Never settle with thoughts of discouragement or despair”.

As a writer you should only focus on your shining light, and trim your negative instincts. If you keep thinking ‘when would I get there’, you may end up being more depressed.

It’s true that upcoming writer’s don’t usually get the support they deserve. They are told to work, work; work, work; work, work, like in Rihana’s work song. This is the month where we show them love. Our vision says; “promoting and inspiring the enjoyment and appreciation of the writer’s life.” We will also review our performance on the actualization of our mission. One we are stuck with like for eternity!

We would keep saying to writers, It’s ok to work but do appreciate your small progress once in a while. So our March is an extension of February’s love. Let’s all activate the Lover’s and Reviewer’s mindset towards encouraging not just mature writers but upcoming ones too. Have a blessed new month ahead!

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