Nigerian Artistes are No Longer Creative – Dairo

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Paul Play Dairo, who has been off the music scene for a while, made a quick comeback with the hit song ‘Fool In Love’.

He expressed his dissatisfaction in the Nigerian music, saying that Nigerian artistes are no longer creative because they are now after the money.

Paul disclosed this in a recent chat with Vanguard, adding that people complain that Nigerian music sounds alike.

Paul Play Dairo
In his words, “I think there is a great improvement. I think the guys out there now are very lucky, because when we started we didn’t have all the support from corporate bodies. People say Nigerian music sounds the same because everybody is chasing the money, but leaving creativity out.

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“Have you checked out any top ten countdowns in Nigeria? The songs are always the same. You can’t find highlife, juju and other genres of music in it. I think the solutions is to actually encourage upcoming acts to do other genres of music,” concluded Paul Play Dairo.

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