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Melody Fisher told Diepiriye Rita George that she writes to inspire struggling people whom she calls the unsung heroes; adding that her Facebook friends give her the needed shot in the arm that keeps her roaming around the poetry world with awesome thoughts

1) Tell us a little about you.

Hello, my name is Melody Fisher. I often sign my poetry as MJFisher. I live in a small semi-rural town on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, USA. I graduated high school and went to work until I married and started my family. We have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

I have always enjoyed writing poems and stories. In high school, I immersed myself in writing after enjoying my creative writing class.

2) Why do you write?

Expressing myself through writing has always given me joy. I think it must release endorphins, Lol.

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I am a hopeless romantic; therefore there is usually some romance to be found in my writing. I try to write to inspire people, to make them ‘feel’ emotion. Hopefully, pleasant ones!

I like to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to try other genres.

3) What inspires your writing?

I am ultimately inspired by the little things. I love to find the beauty in the ordinary. It IS there. I like to lift up the people who are struggling, the unsung heroes. I want to give hope to them. Everyone is important on this earth.

4) Where have your works being published?

Ironically, the poems that I was honored to have published were in the horror genre. They were written for the Scribblers Chamber 121 words contest. I wrote something off the top of my head, and when I checked my word count it was exactly 121 words! I took it as a sign and submitted it. I won two more with them and have since submitted one on my own which was accepted. The 121 Words are like doing a fun puzzle for me. They are published on the Urnovl site: https://www.urnovl.co/#!/novl/SyrZxhep-/read/BkgUNg3la-/S1ve5P_mz/

5) What inspired your first published work?

Submitting is always a brave step for me.

My first published poem for the Scribblers Chamber 121 Words challenge was the theme bloodstained. I recalled a short story I’d read by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, titled The Yellow Wallpaper. It’s about a woman’s descent into madness. That story was the inspiration for the poem The Bloodstain. It is a little disturbing.

6) What writing styles are easy for you to pull off?

My writing is freestyle. I will wake up in the middle of the night with words tugging at me. My best works come that way, seemingly random. When I sit down with my tablet it all flows out as if I planned it. I am as surprised as anyone to read how it turns out. I rarely make changes on those.

7) What’s your writing process like?

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My writing process feels like a blessing to me.

Romance comes easily to me. Clean romance. I leave the erotic stuff for others to write. Lol. I am all about the love.

I have worked with babies and small children since I was a teenager; from babysitting to teachers’ assistant and to a stint as a lead teacher for toddlers. I am currently working as an assistant at a wonderful Montessori School near my house. This will be my last year. After I retire, I will focus on putting an anthology together. I am overflowing with ideas.

8) Which Facebook’s friends inspire you the most?

I have three longtime Facebook friends that I consider my mentors.

Peter Walsh, from Cork Ireland. His poetry reaches way down in my soul. When his posts come through my feed, I drop everything to read them. One entitled Am I Worthy is more precious than gold to me.

Angel Robinson writes from her heart. Her words paint pictures that I long to visit. And stay there. She is entirely too humble regarding her gift. It is enormous.

Emily Gmitter is the person who encouraged me to post my poems on Facebook. I was scared spitless! Still am. Emily has many talents; one of them is as an editor. She is Sunrise Editing. I never would have made that first post without her.

My Facebook friends are my biggest support. When I receive comments such as “Thank you, I needed that today.” Or “You make me want to dream.” Or “Is this written about me?” That is my reward. It means the world to me. They mean the world to me.

9) Finally, what’s your advice for first time poets/writers?

If you are called to write, then you must write. It’s as simple as that. The words and ideas will nag at you unrelentlessly until you get them ‘on paper.’ Write from your heart and you won’t go wrong.

Here is a sample of some of my personal favorite pieces. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you.

This was inspired by a childhood memory. I realized how big and great God is by looking at His sky.

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Her favorite memory of all was lying in the cool grass,

Gazing up at the black night sky.
Seeing every glowing star, sparkle and shine…
Just for her.

She would trace the Big Dipper in the air with her finger…
Always sure to count all seven stars.
Next, she would find the North Star.

“Hello, North Star,” she would call out,
As it flickered back its own greeting.
Best of all, were all the tiny stars.
Like sprinkles of glitter,
Just hoping to be noticed among their flashy peers.

She knew how they felt.
“Yes, I see you,” she would whisper softly… Every single time.

She would bask in the glory above her,
Knowing that no one on earth could ever create
Anything close to this magnificent masterpiece.
She knew the artist.
She loved His work.
Those precious stars…
Those mere reflections of the sun would just be rocks,
If not for His design.

And as she struggles to be a reflection of His son
She is humbled to know
What she would have been…

Follow up on the rest of poem @ https://www.urnovl.co/#!/novl/SyrZxhep-/read/BkgUNg3la-/S1ve5P_mz/

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