Welcome February – Our month for real fun!

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Here we are at the beginning of a new month, February 2018, and Diepiriye Rita George, our host of Making Monday Mild, is promising us much writing bombshells and a fun-filled month from the oasis of writers’ fiefdom.

One would seldom imagine if writers do have or enjoy a nice life outside the writing sphere.

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That is, if they really rock party grounds, if they climb up bridges and canters/cranes on site… Ehmm… (Clears throat)

We are grateful that January’s kickstart was awesome and that we are here bubbling with an extreme vigour for what’s up for this new month.

So when fantastic writers sit on #MakingMondayMild to talk about themselves, we always have hopes that by the end of the month, we would have our basket to the gunnels.

It’s always our wish that by the end of the month, you would have felt the fire in us once we’ve emptied our passion into your itching and expectant pockets.

That we would give you light bulb moments and many bickering happy moments.

And Boy! Did we achieve that?

From the dance with writer’s lifestyles to pulling out a chair and enriching our minds with the twigs of poetry, we can beat our chest that we went beyond giving you just something light.

So, with the kickoff of February, here’s all what we promise to offer and more by God’s Infinite Grace.

* That this month would be well steamed and stewed to variant and lovelier tastes.

* That lots of themes would be explored, from writing romance novels tips, up to experimenting mind blowing places in drama.

*That it would be a fantastic ‘Cook and Curry’ month with big-time writers on board.

*It would be love insulated and techy intoxicated.

*And that we would be loving and catching fun all the way till the end of the month!

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So watch out for more fun!

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Happy Fun month!

We love you all!

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