How to insert image gallery into a WordPress post

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With the recent update to WordPress, adding an image gallery to a post has been simplified. It is now few clicks away from insertion into a post. This post will show exactly what to do. You do not need to install a third party plugin.

When one of my colleagues asked me on how to create an image gallery with WordPress, I thought it would be best I write a blog post detailing how he can run around it. In today’s ICT Corner, I will show you how to create an image gallery with the in-built WordPress image gallery.

Recent the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, paid 2-day working visit to the commercial city of Kano state to commission projects executed by the governor of the state, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje from December 6 to 7, 2015.

Without digressing too much, let us delve into the topic of the day: creating an image gallery with WordPress inbuilt image gallery.

With the new update to WordPress, the in-built image gallery was made rugged and intuitive. For this reason, you would not need to install a third party plugin to cater for the need of image gallery, except if you are looking for special functionalities or you’ve gotten glued to a particular one.

Now, the steps to take:

1. First of all, you would need to resize all your photos to the normal sizes you normally use for pictures you upload to stories using any of your popular photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop.

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2. Once, you are done with this, login to your admin end and click on Posts>Add New.

How to add a new post
How to add a new post

3. Type in all the intro to the gallery or the whole stories as the case may be.

4. At the point where you would want the gallery to appear, click on the Add Media button on top of the formatting toolbar.

How to add an image to WordPress post
How to add an image to WordPress post

5. This opens up the Add Media page. If you are going to use new photos not found in your media library, upload them by clicking on the Upload Files button. Click on the Select File button to select the photos from their locations. (Note: If you are going to use existing pictures for the gallery, just go over to your Media library and select them.)

How to upload images to WordPress media library
How to upload images to WordPress media library

6. Next, click on the Create Gallery menu on the left hand and then the Create a new gallery button at the bottom right of the page.

How to create an image gallery
How to create an image gallery

7. This will take you to the Create Gallery page were you can reorder the arrangement of the pictures by dragging and dropping, specify where the gallery links to (change this to Media File), numbers of columns (it could be 1, 2, 3 or more), and change the size (thumbnails, medium, full size, etc.) to your taste;

How to setup a WordPress image gallery
How to setup a WordPress image gallery

8. When you are done, click on the Insert gallery button. This will insert the gallery into your post.

Check out mine below.

A sneak from the 2-day official visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Kano of December 7-8, 2017

And that is it! This is all on how to create an Image gallery with the WordPress in-built functionalities.

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If you have better ways of doing this or have questions regarding today’s topic or any other issue, feel free to use the comment section below.

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