Jokes – WAEC Examination of 1900

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In the WAEC examination of 1900, the following questions were asked and a student answered hilariously below. Compiled by Sani Ahmed Abisoye

Laughter drives away sorrow
Laughter drives away sorrow

He who fights and run away?
He has surrender be that, and fear catches him too.

A rolling stone?
No fit just dey roll, his person that push it.

He who lives in a glass house?
Rich politician he go be.

A stitch in time?
They prevent further tear tear.

Birds of the same feather?
Is the same mother that born them.

One good turn?
Na correct power steering fit do am.

A bird in hand?
What will it be again if not barbeque?And they plenty for Chicken Republic.

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Half bread is better than?
Puff puff, buns or garri without sugar.

A journey of a thousand miles?
That’s the person’s problem.Why he no enter car or aeroplane?

He who laughs last?
He get brain problem. Make them examine him, because that’s the beginning of madness

A patient dog?
Na hunger go kill am.

All work and no play?
That’s the problem of bank.

Once beaten?
Na revenge go follow be dat.

A fool at forty?
You never see Nigeria own.Our own starts from 50.

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