My Kitchen: Drinks 101 – By Maryam Abdulkarim

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Hello readers! You are welcome to another exciting and insightful culinary experience with This is My Kitchen and I am Maryam Abdulkarim at your services!
In this edition, I will be showing you so many amazing drinks. Stay tuned, learn, prepare and enjoy.

Banana drinnk
Banana drinnk

Banana Drink


Banana – 6 medium
Lime – 1 medium
Sugar syrup – 15ml
Banana flavour – 1 tablespoon


Add lime juice to sugar syrup to boil together. After cooling, peel the banana and discard the skins and add to the syrup. Mix thoroughly and strain. Serve chilled!


Issy Cooler


Lemon juice – 30ml
Sugar syrup – 15ml
Ice cube
Lemon sliced, coated with salt
Soda to fill the bottle or glass
Agugustina butter


1. Add the lemon juice, sugar syrup in a jug and stir.

2. Then add the soda to fill the jug.

3. Add the ice cube, then the Agugustina butter.

4. Finally, the coated sliced lemon.



Amne Cooler


Fresh mint juice – 15ml
Fresh lemon juice – 15ml
Sugar syrup – 15ml
Ice cubes
Mint leaf and lemon slice for garnishing


1. Add the lemon juice, fresh mint juice, lemonade, sugar syrup together and stir.

2. Add the ice cubes.

3. Finally garnish with lemon slice and mint leaf.



Ginger Cooler for Lamira


Fresh ginger juice – 15ml
Lemon juice – 15ml
Sugar syrup – 20ml
Ice cubes
Lemon slice for garnishing
Lemon and slat to coat the rim of glass


1. Add the fresh ginger juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup in a clean glass.

2. Coat the glass rim with salt and lemon slice.


Issy/Amne Special


Moringa leaves
Sugar syrup
Vanilla flavour
Ice cube


1. Boil the moringa leave for 30 minutes. Sieve out the juice in a clean jug.

2.Add sugar syrup, vanilla flavour and ice cube.

3. Serve chilled.


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