Bad Influence, a poem by Hamamatu Ya’u

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Bad Influence talks about the evil, bad friends and poverty can bring on a person. It is a classic “Show me your friend…”, Hamamatu Ya’u muses

Bad Influence, a poem by Hamamatu Ya'u
Bad Influence, a poem by Hamamatu Ya’u

I know of a man,
Who is honest and just,
This man was a police,
And work at a roadblock near my house.

His colleagues take token,
From the iron horses passing by,
They fill up a sack,
And share at dusk when the roads stood still.

This man would say,
“Take my share. I don’t think I can use it.”
The colleagues will lighten a humour and say,
“What a holy priest!”

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Day after day,
Weeks mount on weeks,
A few years passed,
He was still firm and good.

Certainly to my surprise,
After a two months strike,
His personality begins to weaken,
He needs to provide for his children.

He begins to ask his friends, “Where is my share?”
They were bad influences dragging him to dirt,
Patiently alluring him towards it,
He, at last, fell for their spells!

Hamamatu Ya’u

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