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#Welcome2017: Read how people welcomed new year

Year 2016 ended yesterday to usher in year 2017. Many things happened in the old year, while people have resolved to change their fortunes in the new one.

#byebye2016 #welcome2017
Bye-bye 2016, Welcome 2017

Against all odds, Leicester City FC which escaped relegation in the previous English Premier League season were crowned English champion in May 2016. Against all odds, Donald Trump, a political neonate defeated Republican heavyweights to pick his party’s nomination as a presidential candidate. And against all odds, he gave the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton a bloodied nose in the general elections to emerge president-elect of United States of America.

Let’s hear from you. How was year 2016 to you and how do you plan for 2017?

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Let’s keep the posting rolling…

Here are some of my take from Facebook.

Ayo Omigbule stated that “If Fireworks and Crackers no block my ears tonight,i can never be dumb again..Kilode?”

On the other hand, Dare Oladapo Oluwashakin wrote: “Some people didn’t witness Christmas, some people will not witness the new year; some people before them didn’t either, so what’s the fuss? One day we ourselves will not witness the Christmas and the New Year. Anyways happy new year to you all!”

Hamamatu Ya’u chimed in with this: “2016 is the best year with experience and unease with a very happy and interesting end. Every year has always felt like the best at the end. I pray the new year be filled with happiness plenty blessings and moments of , success and activities that make us outstanding and get us closer to God and deeds that will take us to Jannah. Amin. Happy new year in advance!”

Abubakar Al-Mustapha posted the below picture on Facebook.

#Byebye 2016 #Welcome2017
#Byebye 2016 #Welcome2017

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