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Want to Learn Microsoft Access? Buy eBook for N200 ($1)

Microsoft Access is used by individuals and corporations worldwide for database management. Having a glimpse into this formidable tool will do you much good

New Database Management (Microsoft Access)
New Database Management (Microsoft Access)

The story of the early banking years just crept into my mind. Those days, banks keep records of their customers in heavy thick ledger books. When you come to withdraw money, they will have to go through these books to confirm that you are indeed their client. What a gruesome task?

But then, why do you need to stress yourself whenever you are looking for the biodata of a client, the home address of an employee, the birthday of a friend or the registration number of a student when there is a system that has simplified everything for you?

A database is a computer program that can collect, organise, store and retrieve vital information about any particular object of interest for you quickly and easily.

Among the several database management systems that abound in the market, one of them stands out for its ease of comprehension and use. It is Microsoft Access, a program from the stable of Microsoft Corporations. Banks, companies, individuals, schools and more, use it.

The author of this ebook, New Database Management (Microsoft Access), Muhammad Sani Muhammad, painstakingly took his time to dissect the various strings that bind the concept of this ubiquitous program together. In the end, he brought to the table a sumptuous delicacy.

Firstly, you will get grip with the technical terms around database and database management system, benefits of database, relational database and other terminologies.

Next, we will dive directly into the program itself, its features and computer programs one can import or link data to or from.

When we are done with the above, our hands start to get dirty because the journey has started to get tough. We will learn how to load Microsoft Access and create a database.

And after the preliminaries, we will then get down to the real deal. We will start creating the objects that make Microsoft Access thick. These objects are table, query, form and report. One by one, we will divulge each of them.

There is nothing as sweet as wanting something and then having it. If your quest is to learn Microsoft Access, you have gotten the right ebook, New Database Management (Microsoft Access), in your hand.

Disclaimer: We don’t claim that this ebook is all encompassing! Nope!! This ebook will only give a glimpse in the vast world of Microsoft Access. It is a very good place to start from.

Microsoft Access is vast and sweet. Even if you want, you may not devour all the juices in just one sitting. Hence, we are not promising you that.

What we assure you is that with this ebook, New Database Management (Microsoft Access), you have indeed put yourself on the fast lane to better understand and deplore Microsoft Access for personal and commercial use. Sit back, read, deplore and enjoy!

BONANZA: You can download the book FREE between April 27 and 29, 2016.

Buy the book here for N200 ($1)!

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