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Tagwayen Asali to collabo with P-Square

Sensational twin musicians, Tagwaye Asali, are breaking bounds as they are set to feature in a Dadin Kowa TV series, including a collabo with P-Square.

The enigmatic Tagwayen Asali
The enigmatic Tagwayen Asali

How is music so far?
We thank God. It is a nice business where one can feed from and we enjoy doing it. Music is fun. What make it more interesting is that we do what we like doing and get money from it.

Are you guys progressing?
We thank God for the places He has taken us to. Right now, we know P-Square. As we all know, P-Square have reached their zenith and thus have achieved so much in their businesses. We met with P-Square face to face and discussed so much on business and even took a look around their houses. Right now, we are working on a deal which will enable us in the nearest future, to collaborate together on a hit project. This is a very big opportunity and a very big achievement on our part.

Tagwayen Asali and P-Square
Tagwayen Asali and P-Square

What projects are you working on right now?
There is a track we named Nature Control. Basically it is talking about nature control. Let me say, in life you have to surrender everything to God Almighty. When you do, this He will protect and guide you in the right path. Nature Control has actually been concluded. What remains is the cover which is in process. We will release the track very soon.

There is a TV drama series which is in process. We are going to be the lead characters. Tagwayen Asali wants to show our faces in the movie series because it talked about youth empowerment. Secondly, it is basically about entertainment. The film shows that a typical Hausa man can earn respect, pleasure and money at the same time from music. The film will be shot in Hausa language and I believe people will be happy and excited to see we featured in the film. It is big achievement.

Tagwayen Asali and Kannywood's Ali Nuhu
Tagwayen Asali and Kannywood’s Ali Nuhu

During the last time I chat with you, you told me specifically that you will not allow any of your music to be turned into a Kannywood film.  Now are you trying to approach Kannywood through the back door?
I told you in the first time that we were called from Abuja and given this opportunity that will feature Tagwayen Asali in a TV drama series. I cannot call it local because it is not that kind so-called films sold in Kofar Wambai market of Kano state. It is a film made specifically for the television channel, by making it episodes. It is strictly for the TV consumption not for market consumption. And it is strictly about music.

Would it be like Empire?
Exactly like Empire. We are the lead characters; our brother is a multimillionaire who decided to open a record label for us where we sign up a lot of youth for the label. The story began from there and I know people will love it.

What channel will be showing it?
Dadin Kowa, that is under StarTimes.

Since you have been able to strike a deal with Dadin Kowa, it shows you have really gone far. Congratulations! How many music have you made so far?
We have seven tracks. I am not including the nanaye songs (local love songs). Our first album was Gyara Kayan Ka. The hip-hop songs are about seven. Now, we have Destiny, Dalili, Nature Control, Taka Rawa and so on.

Tagwayen Asali and a fan, Chukwudi of AIM Global
Tagwayen Asali and a fan, Chukwudi of AIM Global

Among these songs, which is the best?
As an artist there is a type of music which you personally like. But what people singled out will definitely have to be your choice. You will get to know that Destiny has a massive followership. It has been played over and over again. Even because of Destiny, we were invited to perform at Voice of America, Washinton D.C. But along the line, something cut off the deal. I think Destiny is what people love.

But if you ask me, I will say Dalili. This is a song we did almost in 30 minutes. We got problem with our colleagues and we translated the issue into the song. So I love the Dalili; the lyrics, the production and all the stuff. But I definitely know that people love Destiny.

What I will like to suggest to our fans is that they should participate in our forthcoming track, Nature Control. I have a high expectation for our fans to love it. We made professional touches to the track, in terms of the lyrics and the production. We tried to bring trending beats and equipments, which I am sure people will like.

Tagwayen Asali performing at an event
Tagwayen Asali performing at an event

What advice do you have for upcoming youth?
First of all, they need to understand the term music. Music is a medium that allows you to express your feelings regardless of your age, status or sex. It is also a platform that enables you to entertain and make money from. What I want our upcoming artist to concentrate on is that they should disseminate messages with their music.

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