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#SatireDiary S02 E01: Constituted Authority

True leaders earn authority over their subordinates through empathy and mutual respect and not by bullying and arrogance. Barristar Loyal tells us why

Constituted authority
Constituted authority

Barristar Loyal: “Look at you all! Do you think it is facile, non-gruelling or not a Brobdingnagian task to be at the ne plus ultra of my career? I took gigantesque, elephantine or rather Himalayan strides not Lilliputian or teensy-weensy steps. You should show some respect for me as a CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY.”

Off course you know I wouldn’t say such a thing for the fact that I’m still at the baseline of my legal journey. I want more than Junior Advocate of the Masses (JAM). A Senior Advocate of the Masses (SAM) won’t be bad after all.

Barr. H R: I was surprised at your utterances. Who said those words?

BarristarLoyal: It was an appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company a friend of mine works. This man served in some couple of delegated capacity before he became the CEO. So the couple of years he spent in top flight executive positions, eating those executive cuisines and the conviviality, caused the amnesia of yesteryears spent before the luxury in executive seats.

Barr. H R: That’s quite an infelicitous remark by him. But why such a boastful remark? His humble beginning should have guided him against such behaviour.

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Barristar Loyal: The workers loved to see things go right at the company, so they go out of their way to ensure that things are done. They’d beg, use their personal earnings, forfeit their leisure times and so many more to see things work out well. They see these as sacrifices worth giving to the company for its survival.

However, you and I can attest to the economic hardship dancing through the nooks and crannies of this country, except the political corridors where there are Huge Figure Financial Guards. Unfortunately, the workers could no longer shoulder these gestures, especially the lower cadre staff. They decided to communicate the shot down of activities in their respective department to the CEO in what appears to be a protest, a peaceful one.

However, the CEO who’s aware of the non-payment of salaries in some departments was at a crucial meeting. But he stood up to address the protesting crowd. He expected them to give him decorum, being the CEO. Unfortunately or rather fortunately for him, he met a booing angry crowd of young stakeholders.

My brother! Come and see constituted, constituting, constitutive… authorities.

Barr. H R: But authority isn’t power to be forced down people’s throat. The CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY is bound within the constitution, and stop harassing those that stood by him to be CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY, because they are the real constituting authority. Legitimacy and sovereignty is in their hands.

Barristar Loyal:  let me finish the gist. Some couple of days later, investors withdrew their confidence in his leadership. So he needed the workers to vouch for him. He called for assembly of the staff. On his arrival, they all chorused “CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY”.

He begged for their support, stating the level of confidence he has in their ability to turn the fortunes of the business around.  He gave incentives and gifts on the spot. The workers enjoyed the moment while it lasted. Their leader then responded by saying, “We so much appreciate your courtesy to us. However, we also want to acknowledge you for who you are. So we will prefer you use your CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY to get your seat back. It is rather late for you to now see us as CONSTITUTING AUTHORITY.”

They all stood up and worked out on him.

Barr. H R: Very good. Such people need to learn to respect the sovereignty of the masses. They live in affluence at the expense of the masses, yet will fail to provide the most basic needs for those who put bread on their table. He’s so blind he didn’t see the workers as the future of the company. If a leader can be lackadaisical about the future, it will be a disaster in the long run.

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Barristar Loyal: So I was wondering what leaders in this part of the world take their leadership to be. Isn’t leadership about servitude? If as human you get provoked, and you misbehaved, we should learn how to repair such damages, and not allow family members to show off rotten mannerism all in the name of adding a voice. Intellectualism is better than k-legged social media rant.

Barrister, the worst of the gist was how I missed the show at the theatre of dreams because I claimed CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY. I was dealt with by the weekend harmattan that even the sweaters couldn’t save me. My brother my prank got me into trouble and I learnt my lessons the hard way.

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