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[SPONSORED] Multicare: Redefining ear, nose and throat treatment

Multicare Ear Nose ‘n’ Throat Clinic diagnoses and treats ear, nose and throat diseases with high-tech equipment at reasonable costs

Some of the modern equipment
Some of the modern equipment

A Hausa proverb says “Daga na gaba ake ganin zirfin ruwa!” Meaning, we inadvertently learn from those before us.

Young Beatrice (not real name), aged five, usually watched her uncle, Adewale, clean up his ears with cotton buds. But whenever it comes to Beatrice’s turn, her mother does this chore for her.

On a rather inauspicious day, Adewale forgot to tuck away the used cotton buds in the waste bin. Playing around the parlour, Beatrice stumbled upon these buds and went about doing what she usually sees her uncle doing. As fate would have it, one of the wool on the cotton buds went down the drum of her ears. And unfortunately, at that particular point in time, her mother, Agnes, was preparing a sumptuous meal for the family in the kitchen.

When it was lunch time, Agnes served for her family of four, Wisdom, Praise, Collins and Beatrice herself. While the art of eating was going on, Agnes noticed that Beatrice was scratching her ear intermittently. Due to the fact children usually cannot tell what is wrong with them, the wool kept on pricking Beatrice’s ear.

Later on, Beatrice’s scratching became cries. Her mother comforted her, cuddled her, bathed her and even gave her drugs when she noticed sweat sprouting on her brow. But to avail!

It was only around 5pm that Agnes noticed swelling on Beatrice’s left ear that the cause of her cries dawned on her. While sweeping the house today, she noticed a cotton bud without its wool!

Hell was let loose and pandemonium broke out in the small bungalow Beatrice’s family rents in the Shagari Quarters of Kano state.


Agnes dashed out of the house with her daughter in her arm with her heart pounding like a pestle in a mortar dealing blows to yam chops. Feeling the worse could happen, she rushed to the Accident and Emergency unit of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital where she met a horde of people waiting for doctors to tend to their varying degrees of ailments.

Some were hypertensive, and others bleeding from the nostrils. While some were lying on the ground, others were held in wheelchairs and visitors were cozying up on benches. The stench oozing from the ward could cause one to throw up. But as it is, you have no choice.

In the angle by the northwest side of the ward, a woman was lying on the floor panting due to the unavailability of bed space and loss of blood. And at the middle of the ward, a middle-aged woman was just given a caesarean section to remove the baby in her womb because doctors claimed the foetus was endangering her.

Agnes couldn’t see through the pain of the patients ahead of them because all that occupied her mind was how to stop this pricking pain in her daughter’s ear. She immediately booked for consultancy and paid. Over here in Nigeria, you must make deposits for treatments before any health worker will lay hands on you. Even if you are dying, so far you have not made the requisite payments, you will be left to the mercy of the cold hands of death.

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When it was her turn to see the consultant, to her bewilderment, there wasn’t any qualified physician on call to remove the buds from her daughter’s ear. Beautiful Beatrice was now red with the itching still going on.

But at last, luck shone on the poor girl’s face when one of attendants made a call to a resident doctor who resides in the doctors’ lodge. Immediately, Agnes, her daughter and the assistant in tow, marched toward the residence of the doctor. It was there and then that Beatrice found the peace of her life. At last, she was freed from the piercing pain in her ear.

Why queue?

YQ is a rising Nigerian musician. Recently, he was asked why he chose the stage name ‘YQ’. He replied that he hate waiting on people to help him. To him, he better ask God Almighty to butter his bread. And the Lord has always been faithful.

Dr Emmanuel Kolo, the medical director of MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic, is an associate professor of Bayero University Kano and an honourary consultant with the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.

MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic is the only facility in Kano, and to a larger extent the whole northern Nigeria, that offers corporate ear, nose and throat treatments. The hospital has state-of-the-art facilities couple with qualified and competent staff to treat people who have any kind of ear, nose or throat ailments.

Modern ENT console at Multicare Ear Nose ‘n’ Throat Clinic
Modern ENT console at Multicare Ear Nose ‘n’ Throat Clinic

Common ENT ailments

According to Dr. Kolo, ENT which is a sub-specialty in medicine, “that takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are related to the ear, nose, throat, and the head and neck.” He said all the aforementioned organs are inter-related, hence any ailment can move from one region to another.

He further explained that the commonest problem of the nose is sernisatis, a kind of sickness “where people complain about profuse discharge from the nose.” Other symptoms include headache and sleep disorder.

The medical director further listed other ailments of the nose to include foreign bodies like pencils and erasers which children insert into their noses. “We also have people who bleed from the nose,” he added. “There are those who have problem smelling. And there are others who also have sneezing problem, who react to their environments. They sneeze a lot and profuse from the noses.”

To the ear, the commonest problem is ear discharge. Dr Kolo added, “Some people discharge from their ears for one to five years, and even some, for a lifetime.” Others, he said, have earring impairs. And then injuries like accidents, fight, blows or cut to the ears also cause worries to the ears.

On the other hand, speech problems, sore throats, cough, voice changes, swelling, cut throats during civil unrest, open neck, fracture of the neck are some of the commonest problems of the throat.

About MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic

Stating the value prepositions of MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic, Dr. Emmanuel Kolo mentioned, “One, we offer very efficient services in a very conducive environment. Two, we are mindful of time. Three, we have facilities which are unequaled; modern diagnostic tools complement of audiometry. And four, we have trained audiometer that performs hearing tests.”

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These unequaled state-of-the-art diagnostic tools include modern ENT console, full complement of ENT endoscopy unit and fibre-optic endoscopy that views the throat. All the services of the clinic are computerized. The clinic also maintain a good record system which allows them to share research data easily with other healthcare providers. Furthermore, the audiology unit has all basic hearing assessment equipment.

Affordability of services

A Nigerian proverb states that “Soup wey sweet, na money kill am!” Meaning, the quality of a project or services is directly proportional to the amount of money invested in it. But all fingers are not equal. This is because there are women with little fingers who no matter the inferior ingredients given to them, they still make tasty soups.

This is true, because at times, you might see a product that is overpriced but whose quality does not resonate with its price. And the reverse case is also true.

Hence, according to Dr. Emmanual Kolo, “Affordability is a function of what you are given! What we give at MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic is highly affordable.”

Rounding up

When Beatrice was in great pains from the pricks of the cotton buds in her ears, Agnes didn’t know that a standard clinic that can treat her daughter quickly and cheaply existed nearby.

Most people want cheap services. And that is why they queue up in government hospitals. But in the end, they are penny wise, pound foolish.

If not, when you factor in the time spent in queues and in between appointments, the money used up in transportation and snacks, coupled with the money eventually spent on the treatment, and then topped up with the lackadaisical attitude of public workers, you will find that competent and affordable alternatives are the way to go. And one of the alternatives for the treatment of ear, nose and throat ailments is MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic. They will treat you well and won’t drain holes in your pockets.

You can locate MultiCare Ear Nose ‘N’ Throat Clinic at No. 66 Lamido Crescent, Nassarawa GRA, Kano-Nigeria or call 08094842644

Multicare signpost
Multicare signpost

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