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How to Grow Wealthy with Blogging 104: Beautifying the House

For a site to look beautiful and professional, you will need to install a befitting theme. Learn how to search, download, install and customise a theme

How to Grow Wealthy with Blogging by Faruk Ahmed
How to Grow Wealthy with Blogging by Faruk Ahmed

The default themes of WordPress are manageable when it comes to the look and feel of a site. But if you want your site to look more beautiful and professional, you will need to enhance the taste of its looks by using custom themes.

Mr. Smith Lawal built a magnificent two-storey building. Anybody that saw the house was wowed by its architectural design and the details put in its construction. But the house came short of perfection just for one reason: it had no painting.

Good design and painting do to a house what a theme will do to a website. Hence, to enhance the appeal and image of a site, one needs to put effort in searching for a befitting already-made theme or create one on his or her own.

If you are a good programmer with the luxury of time, you can go ahead and create a sweet theme for your site. You can even reproduce it to sell to others. And for your information, this is another kuli-kuli of how to grow wealthy with blogging.

But if you are like me, a programmer without time or a non-programmer, there is still hope for us. There are hot deals of free and premium themes one can choose from to build his or her site.

Just like world-renowned author, Robert Kiyosaki, remarked in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you may not necessarily create everything you need on your own even if you know how to do it. You can outsource a process of your work and then use the time freed from that line to do something else. This way, you will finish your work on time and then use the extra time to generate extra wealth.

Therefore, in this post, I will explain how and where one can get a free or premium (paid) theme, download, install and tweak it.

How to get a theme

Just like I have mentioned above, you can get a free and premium WordPress theme which is one of the advantages of WordPress. WordPress has many of its themes and plugins in abundance, both free and premium.

Just like in real life where if you want to buy a car, you look for the one with abundant spare parts, so also is blogging life. The repository of WordPress themes and plugins increase exponentially every day.

Moreover, just like in real life where if something is free, sometimes it means you will need to do some works on it, free themes at times will require more works, less to no support, less functionalities and at times less beauty. But don’t get discouraged! These deficiencies could be blessings in disguises for you because here, you will learn to run around them. The more you learn and practice, the wiser you become, the more professional turn into and the more kuli-kulis flow into your pockets.

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And just like in real life where in most cases you get more value from paid services than free ones, in blogosphere, the same principle also applies. But there are many cases where you can find rare gems for free. With most premium themes, everything comes already laid out for you. You just plug and play.

Now, let’s roll into the business!

Free Themes

The best place you can get free themes is presented below:

FreshDesignWeb. In this site, you can search for both premium and free website themes. And the good news is that it is not restricted to just WordPress themes. You can get themes for Joomla, Drupal and other leading Content Management Systems (CMSs). Visit the site, type in your keywords in the Search box and voila! You will be surprised to see the quantity and quality of free and premium themes that will be thrown at your face.

This is one stop shop I visit regularly when I am designing a site for myself or a client. Check it out here!

Premium Themes

As the name implies, premium themes are not free ones. You have to dip your fingers into your pocket to dig out some money to pay for them.

If you can‘t find a free theme to satiate your hunger and thirst, there are abundant paid ones which you can choose from to devour. Mostly starting from $47, there is almost a premium theme for a particular task.

Please check out the sites below to get your heart desires:

ThemeForest. This is the largest and biggest repository of themes on the planet. And not just for WordPress. Visit the site and you are likely to get a theme that suits your needs. You can visit the site now!

SiteGround. Even though SiteGround is a hosting company, they also offer exquisite premium themes for WordPress and other CMSs. One other good thing of this site is that they offer tones of tutorials on how to unravel problems bedeviling people in their blogging journeys. Visit the site here!

TemplateMonster. This is one site you can also get beautiful and affordable premium themes that fit your needs. One more good thing is the fact that they offer go affiliate programme whereby you can earn by referring customers to them. You can check them out here!

Mojo-Themes. This is another wonderful site for wonderful premium themes. If you use HostGator to host your sites, Mojo-Themes is most probably integrated to you cPanel suite under QuickInstall. You can visit the site here!

ElegantThemes. This site is also making waves in the sales of WordPress themes. You can find them on the very first page of Google search for premium WordPress themes. You can visit them now!

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“Seeing,” they say, “is believing!” Other sites where you can get premium WordPress themes include WooThemes, ThemeGrill, etc. But for a comprehensive list of sites that offer premium or free WordPress themes, make a Google search of perhaps, “The best premium WordPress theme”, “Best free WordPress theme” or any other keywords as you deem fit.

How to download a theme

Downloading a theme is not difficult. All you need to do is visit any of the sites that host the theme of your choice, select the theme and make payment if it is a premium one. Free themes sites might request you to register or share their profile on any social platform. Do whatever is requested of you if you have no fear. Generally, there is nothing to fear about.

When you are done, at the tail end of the process, a download link or button will be visible to you on the site. Click on it and within few seconds the theme will start downloading.

Normally, downloaded files and folders are saved in the Download folder of Windows computers. Downloaded themes are usually in zip formats. Locate them in the Download folder and move them to secure locations.

How to install a theme

Installing a WordPress theme is also very straightforward. This is what you need to do:

  • Log into the admin section of your WordPress site with the admin login details.
  • Click on Appearance menu and from the dropdown menu, click Themes
  • Click on Add New button to add a new theme.
  • In the next page click the Upload Files button too.
  • An installer page will display. Click on the Browse button to trace the downloaded theme you stored on your computer. Select the theme and then click on Install This will do the magic. Give it a few minutes and your new theme will be installed and activated automatically. Except of course, if there are problems.
  • At times, the zip folder you need to upload might be inside the first downloaded zip. Hence, you will need to extract the first zip file in order to access the actual zip folder for installation.

How to tweak a theme

One reason that makes WordPress a ubiquitous CMS is the ease of tweaking its themes. Once a theme is installed and activated, all you need to tweak it is laid out below:

  • Some themes come along with a guide on how to configure the theme bundled together with the downloaded theme zip. Hence, you will need to unzip the zip folder first to locate it. It could be a Read me file or something else.
  • Other times, the theme developers will create a page on their sites which chronicles how to effect changes on the theme. Normally, you will see the link to this information page on the same page you downloaded the theme from. Locate, click, open and bookmark the link.
  • Once you get the information, read it thoroughly and follow the steps religiously in order to configure the theme.
  • Places you will surely be directed to make changes on include Appearance > Customise; Appearance > Theme Options; Appearance > Widgets; Appearance > Menu; Settings > Reading; Settings > Discussions,

Follow the guide and effect the needed changes on your site so that it can look beautiful and professional. Remember the saying, “First impression lasts!”

As it is, to make a killing in blogosphere, you will need to kit up your site to look professional. So, far a site looks neat and beautiful, no one will know or care if the site owner is just starting out on his or her blogging journey.

But in the case you run into trouble getting, downloading, installing or tweaking a theme, you can always contact us to give you a professional nudge.

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